Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Year In Review! Part 1

So, this year was kind of a doozy for me. I had it in my mind that I was going to try this eventing thing. And what Bacon and I had accomplished was way more than I thought we could do in one year. Even with being sick!
Winter wonderland.
I started back on the blogging train after a really lengthy hiatus. I only had one post that month, here, that basically caught everyone up on the whole house buying thing, engagement thing, and dogs in the snow. Oh, and I was starting to go crazy not having my horses at my house.
Bridger pretends he is the boss of Diva.
Still no ponies. But we got really close to having them home and were making a lot of progress in that department in Ever So Close. Can't bring ponies home if you don't have a good place for them to stay! Also, posted a few of my art pieces here, because I had to post about something.
I don't know why my butt looks so horrible here.
Ah, the month of my birthday. And lots of rain and mud. But what else? BACON AND PANDORA CAME HOME! And even though it was just two ponies out of four, I was so so happy. And I immediately began to ride my horse. I also started my first concoction of meds (ho boy) and was sometimes riding a little racehorse named No Fear Baby. It was a good month.
Weeeee Baby!
I fell off of Bacon, after I hadn't fallen off in years. It wasn't bad, except I hurt my arm a little bit, and then tried to get on a racehorse. Dumb. We also tried to jump a little more, I started antibiotics for Lyme disease, and got our engagement photos taken.
Meatball in his ACL brace.
I love this month. The races start up here on derby day. And it is a great month for riding. Still looked terrible over jumps, but Bacon was looking beautiful in May. And we got our engagement photos and they were lovely!
Oh the horror of my position.
First event derby complete? Heck yes. Even if it was crossrails and a walk-trot dressage test. You can read about it and see photos in Derby Triumph or watch the videos here. We also did our first tiny cross country jumps the following weekend and Bacon and I jumped our first skinny, a blue barrel sitting out in my pasture.

Stay tuned for the next post.... :)


  1. That sounds like some major accomplishments for you guys!

  2. Woop what a fab first half of the year

  3. Sounds like fun! You and bacon are amazing

  4. I just love that I remember all of this! Yay Baconnnn

  5. ahh love the recap!! looking forward to reading the rest ;)

  6. What an intense 6 months - looking forward to the rest!!