Friday, April 11, 2014

First Class Flying

Yuma Landing!
So. The last time I fell off a horse (that I can remember) was when Vegas reared and fell on top of me. I kind of had no choice, cuz crazy blonde paint was hitting the ground with me. And so, when I hit the ground today, I was a little surprised. And it was all my fault.
The funnest canter.
The Bacon was being pretty awesome, but with a little extra forward. No biggie. And then I decided to steal my dad's saw horses and fashion the tiniest jump in my oh so small arena. That was bad decision number one. Number two was deciding to jump the pony towards the fence, which leaves one stride before turning. Bacon was rushing it a little bit, and trying to figure out her legs again, as she hasn't jumped since last March. Bad decision number three happened right after the jump. I didn't give her a clear direction as to where to go. She began to go to the right, so I positioned myself, and instead she went to the left. And I kept going right. It was actually quite a graceful landing in the sand, right on my small, very dumb, ass.
Where do I put thy legs?
Somewhere in the middle of that falling though, I did something weird with my left arm. When I went to get back on the mighty mare (who stood right next to me and didn't budge) I noticed that when I went to grab the reins, I had a very sharp pain. Any pushing or pulling or picking up motion caused the mid part of my forearm to hurt like hell. Whoops. But I got back on anyways.
So much cattywompous.
I wanted to test the waters and see if I could still ride with it. It was kind of useless, but I could hold the reins and hold it up. Good enough. Bacon seemed to be worried that I might levitate off of her again, and she went very slow and cautious with me. Good pony! Blake came out, snapped a couple of pics of us hopping over a couple more times, and then we called it quits. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed that this happened. But it could always be way worse.

Also, I got to gallop No Fear Baby on the track again on Wednesday. It was SO MUCH FUN. We had a really nice pace around the track and I couldn't stop smiling. I got a couple of compliments too, which made me feel pretty darn good. I hope this arm pain goes away soon so I can gallop some more!
Even more smiling.

Annnnd still smiling!


  1. Oh no! We've all been there with less than stellar decisions about stuff, hope your arm heals up fast!!!!

  2. Happens to the best of us. Hope you are ok!

  3. How do you get to ride on the track? SO COOL

    1. Good friend above, redheadlins, is married to a racehorse trainer! And yes, it is frickin AWESOME.