The Ring Leader

Hello. I am Alyssa.

I am a mid-twenties weirdo who has a degree in Biology and was a vet assistant for 7.5 years. Unfortunately, I also have Lyme disease, which has totally turned everything around and upside down. Most days are now spent battling health issues so I can live and ride. Because life is not life without riding!
Co-co and I in Arizona. Check out my awesome boots.
I was born in Tuscon, Arizona and lived there until we moved away from everything I knew in 1998 with my brother and dad. Where did we end up? Boise, Idaho. At first I was reluctant to like it here, but that lasted about a day. We were excited about grass, and mountains, and trees and a river running through the town. The next day, my dad took us to pick out my new puppy, a Border Collie named Sneakers. In 2000, he found a barn where I could have my birthday party because I was a horse obssessed little freak and it all went down hill from there.
Lovely Idaho.
I soon started to take lessons there about once a month. I couldn't wait to go to my lessons an begged my dad to take me more. Sometimes I got to go twice a month. I learned all of the basics in a western saddle and explored the desert area trails by the barn. I was then forced to try and ride in an english saddle (oh the horror!) and actually liked it quite a lot. I had the good fundamentals of what a horse crazy girl should there. I went on long trails, raced around the manure track in the pasture, jumped things without any knowledge of jumping, rode doubles bareback, experienced life and death and learned with all of my lesson horses.
I learned that riding in ponds was the best. And then had to teach my brother.
I leased my first horse, Vosky, for free. He was an old fleabitten arabian and I learned the ropes of "ownership" with him. One night he coliced and I learned of his passing at school. What a horrific experience. I leased my second horse Dan, a plain sorrel quarter horse, for the amount of his feet to be shod. To pay for this, I cleaned 12 stalls every day and did turn out and water. After riding my bike across the desert for 5 miles to and from home. I loved him and treasured him. But I wanted my own horse.
Booger and I dressed up.
Along came my grandma Shirley, and Booger. We looked at two horses, a 5 year old paint mare and two year old breeding stock paint gelding Booger. Because it is always a good idea to get a green broke baby for a 14 year old girl with no real owning experience. But you know what? It worked. I taught Booger and he taught me. We played polo, went to my first ever show, played and went on zillions of adventures. I learned about more health issues. And I had to learn how to say goodbye to him when he broke his leg in Blake's pasture. He was my only friend at times in junior high and high school, and the only person I knew wouldn't bully me.
I will forever miss him.
I graduated High School that year without my horse. I knew I needed another one and decided I wanted a baby. I found Vegas and decided to buy her. She was my first big purchase on my own and even though she is a witch sometimes, I don't regret it. After breaking her and training her on my own, I competed her as a three year old in all around shows. We were somewhat successful, but I never felt like we really fit it.
Yearling Vegas.
Enter the track, racehorses, and eventing. You now know me as the girl who is trying to learn how to jump and event on Bacon and live her life with this stupid illness and her husband, four mares and two dogs. So much to learn. So little time.

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  1. I love this family pic. I think the second horse could portray Marguerite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague. Soooo cute!