Friday, December 5, 2014

Foto Friday: Racehorse Faces

Just a fun handful of faces through the years at the track!

Rodeo loved to rock out.
Nobody was ever too sure about Crocodile.

Seeker pulls along Captain America.

Tudor Blue showing what he thinks of his defeated foes.

Courage gives a little smile.

And so does Felicity.

Tudor looks at the program with his trainer.

Yuma Landing ready to race.

Tribal Money gives a shake.

I don't know this horse, but he was handsome.

No Fear Baby don't give a damn.

Lil Ritchie was also special.

Tanner goes in for his first race.

Romona isn't sure if her head is screwed on right. It wasn't.

Peter (Bacon's bro) gives a smile!

The famous Big Papa.


  1. Next thing you know Micaylah is gunna fall in love with a TB at the track next year :P Dese guys are all so handsome

  2. Such awesome photos, great memories!

  3. Fab captures of some downright expressive types ♡

  4. Hehehehe. Made my Saturday morning.

  5. omg crocodile!! lol and is it just that picture or does no fear baby have a booty or what?

    1. Ooooh she has a booty! She was a rock solid little mare, who we called "Mighty Mouse". She loved when I would use the electric massager on her butt too :) What a fun little horse!

  6. Ha! Poor Micaylah's bank account, TB fresh off the track is definitely the next step.

  7. I am jealous of all the TB fun you have!

  8. Cute and hilarious post! I love it :)