Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Resting is Pretty Much Crap

The girls enjoying some pasture time.
Remember how I was dumb and fell off of Bacon and hurt my arm? Well, I had another brilliant idea. Hop on a racehorse two days later! But damnit, I wanted to ride! And I wanted to ride a racehorse! And I was given the opportunity to ride two different horses. HELLO!!! How could I pass it up?
Felicity was flyin'.
The "new" horse was Proud Bok. A 4 year old brown filly out of Proud Citizen. She is beautiful and sassy, and apparently quite slow and easy on the track. Done deal right? I hopped on her and redheadlins walked us to the track. As soon as she let go, we did a couple of hops (nothing extreme) and finally settled into a nice jog. We were supposed to backtrack for two laps. And it was incredibly windy. She got to work and we had a really nice jog going for about 1/3 of the track. Then she decided to hop some more and try to grab ahold of the bit and turn. And of course, I tried to pull her head back around with the hurt arm.

We all know you are jealous of Bacon's smile.
Now the pain was not only in my forearm, but all the way up my arm. We got into a nice groove again, and the stupid ass wind blew another huge gust and she got silly again. And again, I had to pull her back with my arm, which felt even more painful and useless the second time. I made the decision to go down the chute and off of the track instead of continuing. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold her with one arm, but I still felt like I failed a very simple task. I tried to fight tears as I hopped off and grabbed my arm in pain. The trainer patted my helmet and told me it was ok. Thank you trainer.
redheadlins is a beast.
My goal was to hop on and ride today at the track, but the others knew better. I need to heal. No point in re-injuring it over and over I guess. Hopefully Saturday or Sunday will be the day. My goal is to be able to work one this year, so fingers crossed! And since I didn't ride Bacon the last couple of days, I hopped on today. She is so fun and fancy. We really need to work on transitions and maintaining a relaxed state, but she is slowly starting to figure it out.
Fancy to the left.

Fancy to the right.

Def need to work on the fancy over jumps...


  1. Ouch, girlie. You be careful. :-(

    And Bacon is way cute over the jump!

  2. Bacon is adorable. And redheadlinds does seem quite badass.