The Dogs


A 2004 model harlequin Great Dane. I had always always wanted a dane, and when my beloved Border Collie "Sneakers" passed away, my dad immediately went out and got another dog to help me recover from her loss. That dog was Mack, a 1.5 year old Irish Setter/Lab mix. As much as I loved him, he never felt like my dog and I still dreamt about danes and gave some not-so-subtle hints to my dad.

He called me out one evening to look at some pictures of his "friends" dog. A beautiful blue eyed dane named Roxy. He kept saying things like "she is really small, she doesn't have cropped ears, she is two years old.." etc and I just stared at her, in love. And then he told me to go away, and I went into my room, sulked and called Blake to discuss danes. My dad called me back out and told me he was just kidding, and that Roxy needed a new home and I could have her if I wanted her. I was so very excited and happy and Blake and I went to see her later that week. Of course, she came home with me.

Moo, her nickname, is such a loving girl. She took some adjusting to because my Border Collie was so extremely smart and knew what I was thinking before I did, and Roxy certainly did not. She loves to give you blank stares extremely close to your face. Or when you tell her to do something. Or she stares at Meaty. Her goofiness is endearing, and she has even had heoric efforts. Roxy has donated blood on three occasions and saved the lives of three dogs at the vet clinic I use to work at. Though she is getting old, it is hard to tell, and I hope to continue to experience her weirdness for many more years.

Also known as Meaty, Big Balooga, Smeegle, Meaty-acolypse, Meatball, MeatHead, Smoogle Boogle, Looga...

After Blake found out that his beloved black lab had cancer, I began to look around for an English Mastiff puppy for him in 2011. He had always wanted a Mastiff and I searched all over Idaho for a nice looking puppy. There weren't many. By chance, I checked the paper, and there were the nicest looking pups I had seen so far. I contacted the breeder and set a time to see her two boys the following day. I knew which puppy I liked, but Blake got to pick him out. Turns out he picked the same one once he played and settled with his puppy upon visiting. We were going to wait a week to pick him up, but unfortunately had to put his wonderful Sadie to sleep the next day.

My dad encouraged me to go and get his puppy so he could have him there to comfort him when he got home from school. And comfort he did. Blake was pretty pleased with his puppy, even though he was our first giant breed puppy and gave us a run for our money. He grew at least 5lbs a week (11lbs one week) and everybody loved him. They still love him! He is expensive and slimy and smelly and stubborn, but we love him and can't imagine life without him or Moo.

Giant breeds forever!

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