The Dogs

Also known as Meaty, Big Balooga, Smeegle, Meaty-acolypse, Meatball, MeatHead, Smoogle Boogle, Looga...

After Blake found out that his beloved black lab had cancer, I began to look around for an English Mastiff puppy for him in 2011. He had always wanted a Mastiff and I searched all over Idaho for a nice looking puppy. There weren't many. By chance, I checked the paper, and there were the nicest looking pups I had seen so far. I contacted the breeder and set a time to see her two boys the following day. I knew which puppy I liked, but Blake got to pick him out. Turns out he picked the same one once he played and settled with his puppy upon visiting. We were going to wait a week to pick him up, but unfortunately had to put his wonderful Sadie to sleep the next day.

My dad encouraged me to go and get his puppy so he could have him there to comfort him when he got home from school. And comfort he did. Blake was pretty pleased with his puppy, even though he was our first giant breed puppy and gave us a run for our money. He grew at least 5lbs a week (11lbs one week) and everybody loved him. They still love him! He is expensive and slimy and smelly and stubborn, but we love him and can't imagine life without him or Moo.


After losing my sweet Roxy-Moo, I knew I needed another dane in my life right away. Luck played a part in that when I found a breeder with a female mantle Great Dane that was a year old, and after lengthy discussion, it was decided that I would pick her up from her boarding facility in Spokane during one of my horse shows with Bacon. What I did not know was that I was picking up a very unsocialized, very skinny and untrained dane that had been living in a garage for the past three months. She wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I knew I needed to get her out of there. It was a little bit of a battle to get her in the truck, and as we drove back to the horse show, she sat huddled, a bag of bones in the back seat. What did we do?

Quickly, she warmed up to me. She knew I was her person right away. She did better than expected, and came to several other horse shows with us. She is very much a dingus in all sense of the word, and we have struggled with some training issues. But she has certainly brought a level a joy and Meaty just loves her. Will she get less dingusy? We will have to see!

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