Friday, August 29, 2014

A Little of This and That.

I'm really tired right now. Had a day of sickness, which is pretty good considering this is the only day I have felt this bad this week. The muscle atrophy in my left leg is worrying me more and more, so I will be bringing that up to my doctor rather soon. Here are some more pictures from the Bacon adventure.

Who gives a crap about barrels? Not Bacon.
Fancy horse.

Fancy horse needs more weight.

I was a crab this day. Tailbone injuries will do that, I guess.

But she still made me happy.

We had some good position pictures.

And we cantered cross rails.

And we look dressage-y here.

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Too bad my leg is dumb. But Bacon looks good.

Easy peezy.

We had a great course ride!

We also went on a trail ride the day before.

We had a great group! And it was Bacon and Prisoner's first trail ride.

Bacon led the way. I was so proud.

Look at those cuties back there!

And Vegas and I practiced with my wedding slip.

She could care less. And, once again, another no helmet alert. I'm horrible.
And I traded ponies with mom!
Mom had to use a helicopter to get up on Bacon.

I'm guessing the next time I will be on here is after my wedding. And hopefully with pictures. Woo hoo!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Wedding Business is Depriving Me!

Crazy face and a crooked bonnet.
I need some horsey action. About half of my family is in town now, I have been running around like one of those scary ass chickens with its head cut off doing wedding crap, and I am getting exhausted really fast. I know, I know, it will be worth it in the end, they say.

Well damnit, I hope so! Yeesh.
My happy place.
I did get to toodle around on Bacon for a quick dressage ride one night, and my mom rode Pandora bareback. And then we switched. I found it hilarious to see my mom on my spider giraffe, and the look on Bacon's face was quite entertaining as well. I am pretty much the only rider in her life these days, but Blake has hopped on her a couple times before too.

I had a tiny crossrail set up in the arena, and I took Pandora over it for our first little jump together. It was a little uncomfortable bareback, but we got it done.
So. Many. POLES.
Before all of this mess happened, I did get to go play with Linds and Aimee last week and Bacon had another field trip. The first night, we did jump night. I was excited for some course work, as we really need some help with that, but instead it turned into grid night.
Entering the madness.
Bacon and I have also done very little gridwork, so this was also beneficial. Everything started out as groundpoles, and then worked their way up into cross rails. Every time we switched it up Bacon would have to figure out what to do with her legs, and then we would be golden.
Chest up, chest up, chest up!

I suckered Blake into being the photographer.

No touching!!!!
There's those goddamn flower boxes.
At one point, it turned into a vertical and an oxer in there somewhere, and I had to kick her through to keep the momentum going, but she did wonderfully. You can probably tell by all of the smiling in my pictures that I had a great time!
Go little Bacon GO!
Weeeeee over the oxer!
Nice job pony!
Having too much fun!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Informal Blog Hop! Transformations of Bacon

The Bac' and I have been through a lot mostly this past year. Our adventure began at the track in 2011, I acquired her in March of 2012, she went lame September 2012 and then was magically non-lame last fall. So a lot of our work was accomplished this year, and I couldn't be happier!

Racehorse Bacon tries to pull John's arms out.

Our second ride.

Ew. We tried to do some jumps in July on 2012.

Revisited jumping this spring
First ever dessage test June 2014.

First event derby, June 2014.

Second derby completed!
August 2014.

Good job Bacons, where will we be in a year?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fail Friday Up The Caboose


I knew we were coming into this crooked. Let out a sissy scream before hand. We did just fine.

I don't know what the hell is up with those fairy wrists. Let me pour you a spot o' tea?

Speaking of caboose, I'm pretty sure Blake broke my ass bone while I was riding on the back of my motorcycle with him last night. Went over three large whoops in a row, and my little bike just doesn't have the suspension to handle two people. MAJOR PAIN. Right on the sitter. Nice.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Quick Evening Ride

Well, I am sure you have realized that I did not go to the horse trials I was stressing over. That would have happened last weekend. Next year pals, next year. I've got plans. BIG plans.
I'm just standing here. Being beautiful.
It's probably good that I didn't go, with all the money and crap we got done that weekend. But also, when I rode Prisoner, I just got so exhausted in such a short amount of time. It is hard to be a productive riding citizen when this health crap keeps holding me back. Sometimes I think about it never getting better, and that scares me. And makes me very sad.
Pandora the pony horse! And Blake the pony boy!
It is hard enough to "exist" throughout the day with these issues. At some point during the day, my body will just be done. A massive migraine will move in, I start to get chest pains, and the pain creeps in. While at work yesterday, my hands kept going numb, and my hand writing closer resembled the doctor's (not readable) vs my own.`I am trying to wrangle angry animals, and my arms become weak. And this transfers over while riding.
Cowboy Blake is my magical hay buying fairy.
While picking up a couple ton of hay on Saturday, the farmer came over to check on me and see how I was doing. I told him the troubles I have been having, and he told Blake to find a large club to hit me with to get me to slow down and rest more. Again, I am always trying to tell people that it could be worse. I asked Blake if there was something I could take to guarantee to feel good at my wedding. He suggested marijuana, but I'm thinking NO.
Again with that goddamn position of mine!
I did have a good jump school on Bacon the other night, and we jumped our first 3'3". It was pretty damn awesome. And I am realizing how much she takes care of me when I ride her. A person on the ground may not be able to notice, but I am. She takes it easier when I am feeling worse, checks back at me to see what I am doing. She tried very hard for me. And I really love her for that. We are going to attempt a jump night at a local barn tonight, so we will see how we do.
Big fail, helmet wise.
I also hopped on Pandora the other night after Blake rode her around for a little bit. I think I may have finally convinced him that the arena needs to be larger. Woo hoo! Pandora was lazy as usual without my spurs on. But I got her moving out well and we did a few nice stops. I was really pleased with her because I have done basically nothing with her, and she can pull out these nice little moves. Freak of nature, that one.
A little stop here.

The beginning of a roll back.

There is a nice stop too!