Thursday, January 29, 2015

TOABH: Worth 1K Words

Well this is a hard game. Damn you Beka! Mostly because I have a zillion pictures (actual number). So like some of the others did, I will only pick 5-10 pictures per horse. Because I have a crap ton (also an actual number).

A year after owning Bacon.

Right off the trailer into her new home. Brilliant idea to not wear a helmet...

Bacon is no longer lame! October 2013.

Fancy Lucy and her boy.

Hello. I am Pandora. 

One of the many faces of Pandy-Lou.

Bacon poses for the camera.

Our first 2'11" last year.

One of my fav engagement photos.

And another one.

Oh look another one.

How many could there be? You have to admit, this one is awesome.

Playing during our photo session.

First clinic day with S at Rafter K.

This is just a gem.

Hock action.

Elephant traps!

During our second derby. First one with actual xc jumps!

The day where we really tried to work on my position.


I really enjoy this one.

This horse always suprises me.

She knows her stuff.

Wedding Vegas!

Hello Goose Face/


Her matching game is pretty good here.

Everyone loves a ring shot.

My position is horrid, but that is what you get from a tired lyme diseased person.

Our third derby. Trying to do all the dressage.

Another one of my favorites. I had a really good time that night.

Before she was mine. During her break from race training hanging out at the farm.

I make bad decisions.

My Booger love.

Just look at that face! And chest!

He was a badass.

With the perfect sword blaze.

Skater shoes always go with a big butted quarter horse.

I thought I looked so good when we took this picture.

Pandora and her muscles.

Such sweet faces.

Blaker always has connections with his girls.

His serious face cracks me up.

Sad little tail braid.


A stock horse with an actual pair of withers.

His first ride on her before bringing her home.

Pandora loves him.


Oh look, another Pandora face.

And a grumpy face.

I think her 5th ride?

Her rollbacks on the lunge are a little too sassy.

The first day we brought her home. 

Blake and his nun.

Aw yeah, cowboy Blake! In-hand trail.

Trail is tiring.


Yes. She is in the house.

Pats for Pandy.

Vegas and the light.

What is this "trail" you speak of?

She turns into a fuzzy pony in the winter time.

Kisses for yearling Vegas.

Baby Vegas!

Our last show a couple of years ago.

Pivot. PIVOT!!!

Ooooo. How I hated trail on her.

Downhill, yes? That's how they like um in breed shows.

First day she came home. 

Our first ride.

2 year old Vegas going bareback with a set of giant wings bouncing around.

Trying out the new saddle.


We could rock the burgundy. 


Race Bacon. Trying to rip his arms out.

Weeee cross country! Our fav!

Pretty much sums us up.

Fall colors.

Wedding colors.

Goose waiting for her chiro.

Her adjusting herself?

Kisses for Pandora.

Wild pony Vegas.

Wild pony Lucy.

So that was more than I thought I was going to put. Oh well!