Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Mania (Crap ton of Photos)

Oh Monday. I rather dislike you. And all of the crazy people you bring into the vet clinic. Anyways...

SO dang cute.
I don't have a whole lot of cool new stuff to update you on. I am still in a lot of pain, and the numbness is increasing in my legs and arms. Somebody mentioned multiple sclerosis, but I am just going to ignore that until the medical professionals say that word in my direction.
Hi there little trouble making pony.
Because of these horrible days, I haven't ridden my ponies much. The boy's truck is trying to such all of the money this month, and that is kind of annoying. And so is playing "dodge the oncoming cars on the freeway to grab out hay" because a certain Blake didn't listen to the women saying he should tie the bales on...Always listen to the damn WOMAN. But things could always be worse.
Your lips could be this saggy. You don't want that.
I did get to play with the Sprinklerbandit and that was so very nice. I got to touch her tack, and she got to touch mine. Well, Blake's too, but after that hay stunt, he can share. The first day, I rode this fat beast of a tick shaped horse named Gunner. He isn't the funnest to ride, but he certainly isn't the worst. I also got to hop on western Courage the next day and play.
Be good Fatniss Neverclean!
That's better. Good tick.
A bit behind the vertical, just his style.

The tick was a little saucy today.
Kind of looking like I know what I am doing. Maybe.
Western Courage doesn't quite have a "jog".
Doesn't matter, still so cute.
Aaaaaannnndd, my toes are still pointing out.
Hands are for sissies
Meaty was asked to model for his Orthopets CCL brace, so we took a few summer pictures to show off all of that majesticness and his new Ruffwear swamp cooler vest. That boy does not do too well in the heat, and he seemed to really enjoy is cooling clothing!
The ever so rare English Dressage Mastiff. 
Dressage mastiff loses his composure.
And the new vest is now broken in!
Pure class.
You know it's bad when you can hit your eye with your lips.
Vampire mastiff attacks evil sprinkler.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What Is This Madness!?

So much majestic going on here  
I have been roughed up quite a bit this past week. And while I'll accept 1-3 times a week of injuries or close calls, I am a little worn out. Let's see. There was the crunching of the hands through the welding gloves by a psycho feral flying cat some guy dropped off to be spayed, the two highly close kicks thrown my direction (one to stomach, one to leg) by the fiery red racehorse Heat Man, the great attempt to take off my ear by the stupid black tard Tribal Money, the oh so affectionately named "Waffles" (AKA Waafir) tried to lift me up by my shoulder skin and offered another close kick while getting him ready for his race, and the holding onto of a rather ugly faced-pretty bodied one eyed monster that was claimed by another trainer who tried to rear and strike.
Heat Man. You look cute, but you suck.


Yeah...something is missing here...
I don't want to play anymore. Knock it off.

Dr. C swears that I am looking death in the face on a daily basis. Maybe so, but such is life.
How about you stare at this face mom?
Meanwhile, my body has decided to be weird again. Not like it wasn't weird at all before, but I have some new symptoms. The past couple of weeks, my left arm will start to tremble uncontrollably off and on. Some days are better than others. I did not sleep a lick last week until I invested in some over the counter sleeping pills. Those suckers knocked me on my ass pretty good. This morning involved sleeping 11 hours (unheard of) and trying to stand up from the bed which resulted in falling to the floor due to an extreme weakness and dizziness. And difficulty breathing. Roxy moo stayed by my side while I very sadly made an attempt to reach the couch. After a bit, I was able to feed some pretty pissed off ponies and drive to work. I sure do hate going into the doctor's office, but I don't know what to think of this.
Black tard and handsome boy and red boy.
Black bastard runs third.
Training rookie Chris with the easy Grunchie.
Blaker going dirt skiing with Mean Maxx.
And the Grunch gets the gold!
Oh yeah, and Roxy Moo was playing with Meatball when he caught her with his tooth and lacerated her. Oh boy!
i iz a shark.

No contest here.
How do I have all of the majestic beasts?
Strike a pose Moo!
Good thing you are cute Archimedes.
I don't even.
So, needless to say, there hasn't been too much riding the past week, and I am feeling the need to get back in the saddle to prepare for Rafter K, my next cross country clinic and derby! SO EXCITED.
The Goose is still fancy!
Such a smooth ride.
My show pony has turned wild mustang.
And I really really want to get my other girls home. I miss them so much. We tried to prepare their paddock area, but couldn't get the tractor started. Doesn't matter anyway because we noticed the damn thing has a flat tire. I ordered a portable car shelter as their temp. shelter. I think I may just slap some panels together, throw up the carport and just release them in the mass amount of weeds anyways. They need to come home.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Friends Are Great

Awesome spider giraffe. 
The great Sprinklerbandit came over yesterday too watch me and the Baconator go, and see how we liked one of her saddles. The ogilvy half pad seemed to make it work rather nicely, so I climbed onto my horse from my porch (where the hell is my mounting block BLAKE). Whatever. At least I have a porch.
All aboard!
Surprisingly, she was really lazy and not all that responsive. She hadn't been ridden for a couple of days, and the weather had cooled down significantly (think 60's) so I was expecting my fire breathing dragon. Nope! I had to keep squeezing and pushing to get her going forward. We had some alright work going all three gates both ways. But I looked out into the field and saw our lonely blue barrel and wondered if my horse would jump it by itself.
The moo dog makes sure we behave accordingly.

Love the right lead canter.

She did.
First hop over the barrel!

Take that you stupid blue bastard.
I am going to remind you that I really love this pony and I think she is awesome. I hope you think so too. We approached it some more, but we weren't quite getting all the way over, as she would duck her shoulder out right before. Totally my fault. The bandit pointed out where I was going wrong (keeping my leg on, softly guiding her to the jump and sitting still) and she became a rock star. This is why it is so great to have friends, especially friends who can help you ride better!
Racehorse mode.

So excited to eat up the barrel.
She set up a small combination for us, which included our small barrel jump with a one stride to what started out as poles on the ground and later turned into a vertical. That was my first time jumping two consecutive jumps, and it felt easy and fun. Same for Bacon as well. It was too bad that the standards that Blake had built for me over the weekend weren't quite ready yet, or we would add in another jump.
Saddle seat is a bit big, but my position is better!


I can't wait to do it again!