Sunday, May 18, 2014

So You Want To See More?

Here are some more engagement photos! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! All taken by the wonderful Jean Mazac at Double Take Photography.

Monday, May 12, 2014

We Bounce, We Trounce, We Pounce...It's What Bacons Do!

Just so beautiful.
I have been doing a couple of jump schools a week with the Baconator. Some have been ok. They usually would start out pretty rough with her, as she would be rushing the fence and landing abruptly and I would get bummed because I couldn't figure out what I could do to help her figure it out.

I felt my position failing me, as well as her. Finally, we would have a few good jumps and then I would call it a day. And really guys, I don't know crap about jumping. So, I decided to try a placing pole in front of the jump. Again, she would be rushing the jump and her legs going everywhere. I would notice after the jump that I stared at it the whole time and would hold my breath and I am sure that didn't help her any.
Day one of placing pole.
So today, we started with a good lunge session getting her feet moving and paying attention to me. Got some good rollbacks out of her and got her to relax before we went back to saddle up. Another issue we have been having is getting her to listen to my seat and relax. When we do our downward transitions, she doesn't relax or want to stay "down". After fussing, I will realize that I AGAIN was not helping her, and tensing up and bracing waiting for her to pick up the pace again.
Ready to rock and roll.
So starting goal was to work on downward transitions and RELAXING my ass and hands and breathing. And guess what? That worked pretty damn good. We worked on halting square. That was good. We worked on bending in our circles, and that was also damn good. My handsome boy came out to photograph and we started our jump school.
And that also went pretty damn good. Actually, really damn good. It seems as though the placing pole is really helping her to pay attention to her feet and helping her slow down now. Blake snagged some good photos, but the best ones were blurry. She thought her jumps, and I tried to relax and look forward instead of at the jump. It felt so good to have such a nice ride with jumps involved. Needless to say, the pony got a crap ton of carrots. And lots of love.
And ended with a great vertical.
And I may or may not have entered us for our first event derby EVER. My nerves. They are everywhere. I. CAN'T.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It Has Begun!

Blaker. The paddock boy extraordinaire. 

Yes. That's right. The race meet here at Les Bois Park has STARTED. And boy, did it start off with a bang! We (and when I am referring to we, I mean redheadlins and the Burns Racing Stable) had two in the first race, one in the second, and one in the fifth. Plus helping with four other horses for trainers in need. We mapped out everything and hit the road running.
The two first girls were bathed and prepped. Shortly after, the second entered gelding Rocky was also washed. Or, more like we danced around him and flung some soap and water on him. Luckly, Blake made it down even with his insane homework schedule to paddock No Fear Baby (the horse I sometimes gallop) aka Mighty Mouse. She basically started galloping in place as she headed towards the paddock. The other in the race was the beautiful Yuma Landing, who behaved herself quite well.
Yuma. Pure class.
We were stuck in the paddock, as it turned out the jockey we had to ride Baby had decided he wasn't riding thoroughbreds that day. What the hell did he think he was going to get on? Mind you, this was the fourth jockey we had gone through that day. The first missed his flight, second was too drunk to drive his car, and the third opted to ride another mount.
Go Yuma go!
One jock was left, and he scrambled to get dressed before I flung him up onto the Mighty Mini. Unfortunately, she wore herself down with not the greatest ride, and didn't place great. Yuma, on the other hand, broke to the lead, blew the turn, and flung back up to the front for the win. First race of the meet, and first win. Not bad!
Rocky Mountain "Paint Chip".

I missed Rocky go (he got second!), as I hurried back with Blake to cool out Baby, and get the Grey Mamoose (Tizannette) ready for her race. Sprinklerbandit and I washed and readied her, and she behaved herself beautifuly. Somewhere in there, I hurried back to the stands to watch the derby, and had a winner for the second year in a row. But seriously, how could you not go with California Chrome?
Lovely Ladies.
Mamoose didn't have the clearest trip. She broke well, but when trying to make her big moved was still stuck on the rail. She was finally able to check up and go to the outside, but by the time she got rolling they were already at the wire. She finished a game fourth.
Look at that white tail!
Not only have the races started, but Bacon and I have started to improve on our jumping skillz. We are still having some difficulty with getting her to relax and have a nice take off point before the jump. I had the great fortune to have my two super cool and skilled bridesmaids come out and see us at work. Linds had not seen Bacon ridden in over a year, and the Sprinkler had never met her. Apparently, she was a hit. I am glad someone else appreciates her like I do!
Yay knees!
They gave me a lot of confidence and compliments, and it was nice to hear some feedback. Linds even got some video! I have so much to improve upon, and I will let you see this sad starting point, and hopefully we will have better updates throughout. More from that fun next time...