Monday, December 8, 2014

A Tale of Brothers and a Sister

Putting the baby Bac' on the hot walker.
So, you all know Bacon. She is awesome. She also has one full brother and one half brother that I have had the pleasure of knowing. The full brother was known as Peter (Jockey Club Name Inbetweenthesheets) and is one year older than Bacon.
The handsome Peter.

Right before his first win.
Petey was the sweetest boy at the track. At least I thought so. He was tall and bay with a little star and two socks. He always took care of me and I learned the ropes of grooming, tacking and doing all other things on the ground with him. I could put him on the hot walker without any worry of being trampled or kicked at. I could walk him around and he would wait for me. The first racehorse I ever sat on was him.
Love hugs in Golden Gate.

It was in his stall, without anything on, but still. It counted to me. I loved him and was so excited to see him win his first race. Blaker loved him too. He was his first winner as a paddock boy. They had similar personalities, and got along very well. Everybody loved that horse.

Always battling.

Two handsome boys.
The last time I saw him was in California, at Golden Gate Fields. He was looking his best. I got out the massager and spent a good deal of time with him in his stall. I am glad I got to spend that time with him, as he was re-homed off of the track shortly after we left.
Watchful eye.

Forgot that I painted him.
He gained a home with a nice woman from Big Sur in California, and went into event training. After spending some time with her, he was sold to another woman in the same barn and continues his training. He has successfully competed up to training level, and his new owner absolutely adores him (as she should). I am just happy that he has a loving home.
Tucking those knees!

So fancy!

Winner winner!

It appears that Bacon and him have a thing for xc.

Ninteyinasixtyfive is the half brother to ol' Bacon and Peter. Born in 2011, I got to see the tiny guy as a baby. He had a big giant star and he was cute as could be. The boys wrangled him as a yearling, and he started training at the track last year. We give the young guys lots and lots of breaks. Basically, he was started and then turned back out to pasture to grow. I am thankful the trainer sees the importance of that.
Blake and baby Paul have an argument.

After the battle.

Baby Paul and Baby Ricky

He was brought back to the track again this year, and he had matured quite a bit. I missed his first race, but it wasn't too bad. He is in Arizona right now, getting another little break to further mature. There is a group of us who would love to have the little guy when he is all done too!

Paul works in company (in the blinkers).

He is kind of lazy.

Hello Paul!

Figuring it out.

3 year old Paul.


  1. It's neat that you have that history on Bacon's siblings. I love that head shot of Paul. He's cute!

  2. What a handsome family of horses!

    I LOVE Paul. Very nice looking boy.

  3. Ehhhhh I'm glad you like them. I think it's cool how I got the best OTTB though.

  4. Very cool that you have so much family history!

  5. I feel like that picture of him laying down represents my life right now. :) Also, he's adorable. They all have fabulous forelocks.

  6. Oh my god laying down in the hot walker. That's awesome.

  7. so awesome that you've been so involved in Bacon and her sibling's lives - they are really neat horses!

  8. Love that you know of and have contact with Bacon's siblings. That is so awesome!!!
    Peter is a stud muffin & that last shot of Paul = swoonsville. What a looker ♡