Sunday, February 9, 2014


I don't really know what to write about right now. My head is filled with Nyquil, and so, I have decided that maybe I will just post some pictures. Of my art. Because I have been sitting here and critiquing it. I'll let you give it a critique or two as well.

Say as you wish.

First off, graphite. People seem to enjoy the pencil drawings. I do too, because they are pretty quick and offer no drying time. My problem (with all of my art) is my patience. I am NOT patient at all, and so I tend to hurry through my work. You might be able to see it in these drawings.
"Diva G" 11x14 on paper.

"Lil Western Pony" 11x14 on watercolor paper

"Snuggles" 8x10 on watercolor paper

"Racing Matata" 11x14 on watercolor paper

"The Bay" 11x14 on watercolor paper

"Westernized" 8x10 on computer paper

"Santa Anita Roan" 11x14 on sketch paper

And then I tried a colored pencil. And I got too impatient.
"Tanner's Event" 11x14 on sketch paper

And then I do a lot of acrylic paintings.
"Nicola" 16x20 on canvas

"Inbetweenthesheets" 18x24 on canvas

"Painted Face" 11x14 on canvas

"The Reiner" 11x14 on Canvas Board

"I Don't Remember What I Called This" 11x14 on canvas

"Hakuna Matata" 16x20 on canvas

I don't wanna

"This Lady Pissed Me Off Real Bad" 12x12 Four canvas

And then I tried to do an oil painting.
"AJ" 18x24 on canvas

And then I use to screw around in class...

And that is the end. Ta-Dah!


  1. So yesterday I was thinking I would do a post about how awesome you art is with a link to your blog and I can link to this particular blog! You are amazing!

    1. Well that would be super nice of you :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It is a never ending battle...much like riding!

  3. Love your work, had to giggle at some of the titles.

    1. The titles are a true representation of my brain in it's current state. It gave up.

  4. Wow you are amazing! These are really great.

    1. Thank you! Your kind words are very appreciated!

  5. Oh wow! I never knew you were an artist. I myself dabble, but am nowhere near as good as you! I'm actually quite awful with acrylic.