Tuesday, December 2, 2014

If I Picked Husbands For The Girls

An indoor. What a concept!
I got to thinking about stuff. It is now cold and wet and half snowing and half raining again. And that means my horse fun is rather limited. I have also had a gain in my symptoms, making everything in life a bit harder, especially work. I can't draw blood when my hands won't stop tremoring, I can't answer clients or doctor's questions because I am so uncomfortable I can't even hear them, and I can't do what I need to do when the pain starts to overcome me and I can't see out of my left eye.
Fly Catcher 3000 says HULLO!
This has been incredibly frustrating and trying to drag me down, but I am still fighting. There are people out there that are worse off than me and they still get things done. I can't help but fear that my dream of doing novice level eventing next year is starting to dwindle away. Bacon is capable, but not if her rider can't ride. Only time will tell.
There is some good news though, in that the hubs got a job offer from his current internship employer, and it is a pretty dang good deal. Couple that with the fact that he only has three more weeks of classes left and then graduation, and that makes us a happy pair. Computer science degrees are not for the faint of heart, but they pay off in the end. Maybe we can find our truck and trailer now, hooray!
Like this. Only a 2500 HD Duramaxx diesel with Allison transmission with the LTZ body style.
Also, I got to hang out and play with SprinklerB and Micaylah on Saturday, and they certainly made me feel better. I even got to hop on the Ol' Big Papa. He was great, and it was nice to be on a horse again. Not going to lie, it felt really weird to ride in Danskos. You should give it a try...or maybe not.
Such a cool horse.
Anyway, to the fun stuff. I have four mares. We all know this. I could potentially breed these things, so of course I have thought about husbands for them. So, for a fun post, let's see some match ups!

It's hard work to lift those shoulders.
I don't ever plan on breeding this girl, though I heavily considered it back in the day. It is not that she is a bad horse, but I always feel like when you are breeding anything, you should be breeding to "better" whatever it is you intend to do. She has a long back, short neck that ties slightly low into her chest, and is a bit cow-hocked in the back. This makes it very difficult for her to collect and be in balance, as she is almost always running around on her forehand. She has a decent personality, and her work ethic has certainly increased while she has aged. I don't know, but we will see.
Scenic Zipaloot. Pure sexy.
Originally, I thought about this guy as her husband when I planned for future breedings and was still showing in the all around events.
Handsome and closer to affordable.
He has a wonderful build for a pleasure horse, has been successful, and didn't have the ugly ass four beat lope that most pleasure horses have. The other stallion that was out of reach but I loved was HBF Iron Man. He is long and lovely and I could basically get any color out of their combination (which would be fun but not that important) and I have met several of his "kids" and they were all really pleasant and could do just about anything. So we will stick with him, just cause.
More sexy. And grey.

Hello there hunkelton.

Fear me. I iz the best.
Blake and I have talked about breeding her. Not because we will, but just because why the hell not. I asked what he would like to pair her up with, and he answered with a reined cow horse. The best of both worlds (reining and cutting) basically. So for her husband, you don't want a lot of size, but something BIGGER than her of course, and with a nicer neck and more bone. She is also more cow, so we need a little more reiner in the picture. Enter: Shady Lil Starlight. He is even located in Idaho, and I met him in person. Awesome horse, hard worker, earner of over $95,000 and great progeny. Plus, more roan action!
He actually didn't try to eat me at the stallion station. That's always nice.

Kids ride him around too.

Not sure what the husband is doing here...
Soooo, if we were to breed somebody, it would be this girl. We are actually toying with the idea a little bit. She is so smart, so willing, so smooth and fun to ride, has decent conformation and Blake would love to have a baby out of her. Now, if I were to pick somebody for her, we need a damn Gunner (Colonels Smoking Gun) baby. I mean, come one, for a baldy face, he is pretty cute. And it babies win all the things because they are all awesome. And I don't think I have ever seen a stud replicate exact copies of himself like this guy (even white tails. Which is not a normal trait for overo paints). He brought paints into the reining world. And now they are EVERYWHERE. But since he died, I shall pick my favorite of his sons. Spooks Gotta Gun.
Colonels Smoking Gun. Much famous.

Spooks Gotta Gun. Lovin' the bay and chrome combo.

And he can stop fancy. So can the Goose. I never got pictures of her stoping with her sliders on.
Because babies that come out looking like this are just fun. For some people. But they can rein for days and are lovable suckers.
Gunner babies. You can always tell. ALWAYS.

What do you breed a giraffe too?
Finally, there is the Bacon. Of course I have considered breeding her, but there are several things that make it iffy. She is not registered, and there are so many other OTTBs that need homes from the track that it is hard to justify bringing another thoroughbred into the world. But her mom makes awesome babies. She might too...so I don't know. I also don't know much about event stallions and all that jazz. So I am just going to pick a handsome and successful husband.
Semper Fidelis (AKA Snapper) was a baby in this pic.
*After much searching, I am giving up and just picking a local stallion* I have no idea what the hell I am doing. But this guy does well enough and he is handsome, and whatever. I give up. His name is Semper Fidelis, and he is a Trakehner stallion competing in eventing. Maybe he will put some meat on the foal's bones.
Hims can jump.

And hims can dressage.


  1. very interesting - Gunner is beautiful!! i never thought much about breeding (i know nothing about it, plus what you said about so many horses needing homes...) but it's a fun idea

  2. Please breed a Gunner baby. Plz plz plz plzzzzzzzz!

  3. Nice choices! I love Gunner babies... and yes you can sure tell which ones they are :P

  4. Ooh the white faces *swoon*
    Baby horses are too cute - best of luck choosing which lucky girl gets the date if you do decide to breed. Lots of fun options there ☺
    Hope you start to feel better soon *hugs*

  5. I say you breed all the mares to the same stud. Just for giggles. ;]

    1. Ha! That would be hilarious. I wonder what a BaconXGunner baby would come out as. Oh god.

  6. Okay i would love to see a Gunner babyyyyy

  7. Love me some Gunner babies, and Spooks Gotta Gun is a great jr.sire from him.. I've been around quite a few and they are always so sweet and lovable... those darn bald faces. Also - they always have the GREATEST names haha. So many fun options. The only thing I've heard is that due to many of them being deaf, it can be a bit different to train them than your average horse.

    1. Yeah, that is my one worry with him. It is almost like he is starting his own form of HERDA or HYPP. Very interesting and a little worrisome. But at least not deadly.

  8. Love the bay and chrome combo! And all those daddy's are handsome... Hard to choose!

  9. Christ, that bay with chrome is SEXY. And that white tail...wow. I usually dislike QHs, no offense (yours are gorgeous and adorable) because of the QH showing world. Theyve janked their bodies up so much they dont even look like horses. But DAMN.
    And I've ALWAYS liked Iron Man

    1. No offense taken! I can totally understand. I can't even look at the halter horses. It is terrifying. But there are still some goodies out there, thank goodness!

  10. I'm not usually a fan of most Paints (sorry!) but it's really hard to resist that bay with the chrome. And a white tail?!?! SO PRETTY :)

    1. Don't be sorry, everybody is allowed to like whatever they want! I take no offense.

  11. You have some AMAZING taste :) I love Bacon. Love love love... Anyway! I hope things do get better for you. Don't let your dreams of riding fall short. You'll get there.

  12. Omg if you made a baby gunner I'd try and steal it from you (with no success cause I'm poor) Let me know if there is anything I can do to help to make you feel better! Like if you ever wanna ride Riesy all you have to do is ask!

  13. Spooks Gotta Gun is PHENOMENAL in person, just sayin'