Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's Ours!

Well my friends...we finally signed on our house!

So many leaves to rake!
I think I may vomit a little though...I am the biggest sissy lala and then I panic a little and run every little worst case scenario in my head.

For those of you who don't know, I have some major anxiety issues. But, that is for another day.

But anywho. When I was blogging way back when, I was covering the collection of mares I have. I think it is only fair that you get a good look at each of their personalities and their stories. I covered Vegas (the blond show queen), Pandora (the brainy roan rascal) and Lucy Goose (the sweetest curvy chestnutty paint). But, we are indeed missing the fourth mare...Bacon!
She looks so fit here!
So the Baconator's story begins with me at the track. I began to hang out with redheadlins and her husband's barn full of thoroughbred beauties. They all were so great and had the craziest personalities. But there was one special one that really caught my attention. It was this gangly 3 year old filly. She was tall, and beautiful, and feminine. And loooooved to weave. That girl could sure dance to a beat! And she was sweet and cuddly. And I loved her.
Washing the legs!
Bacon was trained for two years on the track. But there was a mix up with her original owner and Eugene ended up with her. Also with that mix up, she was never registered. So this leggy girl never raced. In March of 2012, I got a call from Eugene. At first, I didn't know weither to believe him or not (he is a tricky one). But he told me that if I wanted Bacon, she was mine. And I would have to come and get her within a week from the track.

Oh geez. I wanted her. I really really did. And Blake knew it to. So, she became mine!
My first time riding her! Straight off the trailer.

Don't worry...this story will be continued :)

Friday, November 1, 2013


Yep. I'm still here.

Whoa. It's Bacon.

And there are COPIOUS amounts of things that have happened in the last few months. But I still have my four girls, and I am about to have even less money.

Why is that, you say?

Well damnit, we are getting our first house. WOO!

Roxy Moo says this is a good house.

It is just under an acre. But it already has a hay barn, shelter for two, and a small pasture. And room for a tiny arena. Don't you worry, I will make it awesome. And even the dogs have approved it.

So, what have you missed?
Let's see. Bacon continued to be lame. But continued to get better. Started Pandora on actual reining work (put sliders on too, wee!). She was good. Tried to work on sliders with Lucy. Stopped and slid so hard she scared herself. Took a step back. Rode some race horses (all by myself, poorly). Felt amazing after riding said crazies. Mostly rode Vegas bareback all spring and summer. Hung out at racetrack all summer. Blake got an internship working on hospital software with a cool company. Started house hunting process. Went to the Utah Motocross Races and Lagoon with four boys (stench everywhere).

Bacon becomes magically healed. Meaty (my english mastiff) tore his ACL. And now trying to buy our house.

Poor Meaty Man!

And the lovely Lindsey from My Mojito has nominated me for some Sunshine Award thing. So, I guess this is what I am supposed to do.

Wow. Look at all of that sunshine.

1. Mares or geldings? I think my mares would put the smack down on me if I didn't say mares. But you know, my heart still longs for my first horse Booger, the incredible gelding. I love both. What the hell.
2. English or Western?  Oh geez. Both for ALL OF THE THINGS. Well, I feel like I fit better with the western crowd. I try and like the challenge of learning all of the fun english things. But getting a horse to spin in a western saddle, and playing with cows is so much fun! But so is jumping things! 
3. Younger or older horses? Younger I suppose. The oldest horse we have is the Lucy Goose. And she is wonderful, but it is so nice to start a horse from the beginning. Because, if your horse turns out weird, it is your own fault.
4. Have you trained a horse from ground zero?  Yep! And I am talking not even able to touch, never been handled fun.
5. Do you prefer riding or ground work?  Hate doing ground work. Hate horses with horrible ground manners. Hand them over to Blake (who loves groundwork and is amazing at it).
6. Do you board your horse or keep him/her at home?  Home-ish. 
7. Do you use all natural things or commercial stuff (the products you use)?  How about things that are on sale or in my budget. Yeah, that's better.
8. All tacked up or bareback?  Bareback on a comfy horse, saddles are for withers.
9. Equestrian role model?  Oh so many. Almost every person I ride with. They always know something that you don't.
10. What is your one main goal while in the horse world? Well let's see. I would love to compete in a freestyle reining class. And complete a jump course without looking like a cattywompoid bimbo.

So there you have it. First blog back in a while. Hopefully I won't disappear again.

Me on Rothstein. Going faster than we need to, as usual.