Monday, August 31, 2015

Rewind: Booger's Gaping Hole


Something is not quite right here...
I have made a few mentions of my first pony on here before. I still get teary eyed when I talk about him for too long, so I try to keep it at bay. But as I was going through some old pictures of when Blake and I first started dating for a photo book, I ran into pictures of Booger. And his giant gaping wound.
Just adventuring. What we did best.
I was gifted Booger when I was 13 years old. My grandma knew I was yearning for a horse of my own, and she busted out the bills for this sweet baby gelding. Seriously, my first horse was a 2 year old green broke halter bred breeding stock APHA. But he was my rock through all of my hardships. We learned so much together and did all the things. And then one day I got a call he had been in a multi-horse bizarre accident and had a pretty serious wound. It was late at night when it happened, so my dad did not let me go to the hospital with him.

The next day after school I went out to treat him and take a look at what had happened. Yeesh.
This is when the flap was still attached. It came off and I could fit my two fists in his wound.
One of the other horses had broke their leg, so she was euthanized. Another horse had a giant hematoma on his abdomen. As for Booger, the best theory they had was a war with the t-post. Pretty sure the t-post had won. They had tried to stitch some of the muscle back, but eventually it was ripped off. Antibiotics, hydrotherapy and scrubbing of the wound, swat around the wound, and vaseline all down the leg twice a day. He was the best pony about the whole situation too. Blaker and brother came out with me one time so we could take pictures of him.
Isn't that just the cutest face?
Eventually we added scarlet oil spray to the mix. I was so worried that he would heal incorrectly and be uncomfortable or not be able to be ridden like he use to. Much to my surprise, he healed incredibly well. More so than the vet thought he would.  You would not even know that something had happened there.
Wash it out. Lots of pressure directly into the wound. He didn't even feel it.
Swat and vaseline.
Brother feeds grain and antibiotics.
I miss that mug. I thought I would have him forever. But I am glad I had the time that I did with him.
All healed! And sooo handsome.


  1. The things that horses can heal from are continually amazing to me!

  2. Yikes! That is a crazy hole. Oh, horses. They do weird stuff.
    He seriously is adorable, though.

  3. That hole is insane. He's so cute! My second horse was an solid APHA halter bred mare, but she was only 8 months old. haha. Parents sometimes make interesting choices when picking horses for their kids. ;) I still have her though, so it worked out.

  4. I can't believe how well that healed - pretty amazing!

  5. Whoa! I love looking at pictures of crazy wounds like this, but hate that it has to happen to the horses.

  6. yikes what an injury... glad he made it through alright tho!

  7. WOW THAT IS A NUTTY WOUND!! Amazing how well he healed! Very cool, thanks for sharing!

  8. That is a pretty gnarly wound!! IT's amazing how well it healed too!!