Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Flashback: Videos From My First Jumper Show

Since I am lackin' on good material for writing up awesome blog posts, let's take a look back shall we. After watching Lauren's kick-ass videos from her show this past weekend, I thought I would re-watch mine. She makes it look so easy. Even with a little bobble, I enjoy watching hers so much more than mine.

But what I do love about my videos is Bacon. She started to figure out the game and looks like she is having a great time despite the crazy sack of potatoes on her back. Yeah, we went around on the wrong lead most of the time. Or I forgot where I was going next. Or we took the most awkward way around to some of the jumps. But I went out there and got it done. With the help of my super mare of course, and friends shouting where to go next if I forgot my course.

I have a couple of shows penciled in for the remainder of the year. One is a jumper show at the end of August. Another is the same show I attended in the spring, but the fall version in October. And one is one last event derby. Maybe I can remember my courses this time. Or maybe we will be on the correct lead most of the time. But mostly, I just want to be able to do it and have some fun.

Anyways, watch at your own risk! Does anyone else have videos from their first jumper shows? Or any show?

3" Class A day 1

3" Class B day 1

2'9" Class something...missed the first half but caught the jump off. Where we had a rail (flat and fast is not the answer).


  1. Um, you and Bacon look amazing! So much to love in these videos. Don't be hard on yourself.

  2. I hope Prisoner looks that awesome at his next jumper show!

  3. that looks like so much fun!!!