Friday, August 14, 2015

XC Video From First Novice Derby. And Fire.

What we wish we could be doing.
Cause why not. I just put this baby on the youtube. You can point and laugh or clap and cheer or whatever you'd like. I am avoiding outside because there is massive smoke from a local fire (currently the largest goddamn fire in the nation, btw) and fire and I don't get along. This sucker is currently in Idaho and Oregon. There was ash on my truck this morning. Ash scares me.
Soda Fire. Currently more than 414 square miles (over 260,000 acres). All livestock grazing areas just gone. Source
Quick side note on the fire fear. In August of 2008, the day before college started, a ginormous fire started over by my house. It was hot and windy, and that baby took off. I could walk out the front door and see flames behind the house in front of me, and go out the backyard and see flames behind that house. It was snowing ash. People in the neighborhoods were in a panic. We were told to be ready to evacuate. It was quiet and loud at the same time. Gas tanks were blowing up. Fire trucks from everywhere came to help. We never had to evacuate but we came so close. 10 homes disappeared in the flames. 9 more were incredibly damaged. One life was lost. I stayed up all night and had class from 9am-9pm the next day. I smelled and looked like I had rolled around in a campfire. I did not have fun.
One of the houses by my house. Our friends house was next to this one. Also gone.
So there. I don't like fire. I despise fire season. I love cross country. So we are going to look at that instead.

The first 4 jumps were missed and so was the last flower jump on video, but you get the picture :)


  1. I like fire a lot but I don't want it close to me!

  2. Yea that fire would scare the sh*t out of me. Stay safe!! But in the meantime that video is awesome!!! You guys look like you're having so much fun, and of course Bacon always makes those big jumps look easy lol

  3. Fire sucks. I'm pretending the grey skies are clouds instead of smoke and then it's not so bad. Maybe the ash can be snow?

  4. Wow, so scary! Glad you guys are safe.

  5. LOVE the video, I shall clap and cheer!

    And the fire just straight up scares me. We don't have huge fires like that here in PA, and I'm so grateful.