Monday, August 24, 2015

Come to Life

A clean little Pandy.
It might be nice if I did a post to let you all know that the friend who was in the kicking accident is alive and well! They tried to wake him up slowly from his coma, and the tough guy he is tried to wake up too fast. They tried again the next day, and he woke up more appropriately. He asked his mom what had happened when he was finally fully awake.
When Vegas was clean. Because I forgot to get a picture of her and Goose on their spa days.
It is amazing that he had all of the brain function after being without a beating heart or oxygen for so long. I guess he was at the local arena in a town, and a nice lady driving by saw him get kicked. She thought she might go see if he was ok when she got to the stoplight. When she got to him, he was unconscious and gasping for air. In the short amount of time it took for her to dial 911, he had no pulse and had stopped breathing. Another person came to administer CPR until the paramedics arrived. Had this woman no stopped or not even see the kick happen, he probably wouldn't be with us today.

A big thank you to those who try to help others. Thank you a million times over.

He is now home recovering. Thank goodness.
My lunging pics were all horrible. Sorry! 
As for me, I have been about the same. The smoke has been bothering my breathing, but a puff on the inhaler helps. Last week was spa week for all of the ponies. Everybody got a nice bath, manes and tails shampooed and conditioned, bridle paths trimmed. And, get this, Bacon let me braid her mane. Without moving an inch. What the hell horse? Whatever.
Fattest most worse braids ever, but I was just trying to get it done and make it a positive experience.
 Everybody has been getting back into some lunging work or bareback rides now that the arena is a safer place again. I am hoping to possibly go to a show this Saturday, but I am not sure if I will be up to it, or if Bacon will. She doesn't seem to have lost any fitness and has been all go from the beginning of last week. It is a local schooling jumper show. I am almost half tempted to take Vegas just to get her out for a little trip and maybe a xrail course. Husband has demanded that I go to this show if I can. We will see.
Pretty girl Lucy.

Cute little husband as a 5 year old mutton buster with a brand new motorcycle!


  1. Glad for a recovery and a good reminder about being careful!

  2. Wow that's scary, glad your friend is ok. I think you and Vegas should go for it and do the show :)

  3. So happy to hear your friend is alright!!

  4. horses are lookin good - hope you can make it out to the show! also glad your friend is pulling through so well from his accident!

  5. Sheesh, so glad that lady saw him and checked on him!!