Wednesday, August 5, 2015


There is one thing I am totally and ridiculously excited for. And that is Slipknot.

No, not this.

YAAAASSSS. Photo from here.
My favoritest band (besides Led Zeppelin). I am a tiny metal head and I like it. No one expects it and that is part of the fun. I think part of the reason my husband keeps me is because of this. Our first car ride together, I played Wait and Bleed (his favorite Slipknot song) and his little squinty green eyes lit up like the trillion stars in the sky. It was love at first head bang. I was more classic rock than metal though, and he was the other way around so we trained each other up.
In concert. Notice the drum sets on the left and right. They raise and spin. So does the one in the middle.  Photo from here.
If you don't know anything about Slipknot, here is a little info. They are classified under many metal genres, but mostly are stuck under the "Nu Metal" category. There are nine members (three focus on percussion) which allows for sometimes an almost tribal feeling to some songs. They wear masks, and their masks slightly change with each album. Their lead singer is Corey Taylor (same guy from Stone Sour) and his neck looks like a thumb with a head attached.
They like goats.
Goat on an album cover.

Yep. Goats.
Goat in a video.
I didn't pay too much attention to that detail until I had my own goats. Subliminal messaging at their best (and my favorite record by them is Vol. 3: Subliminal Verses).
Goat on a jumpsuit. Photo from here.
Their bassist, Paul Gray, died in 2010 and that really shook the band up. I was not sure if we were going to see them again. But they played on. And we got to see them in 2012 during the Mayhem Fest Tour. And it was THE BEST THING EVER. I was soooo pumped up from that concert, it was scary. It seems like you are included in the concert. Part of the action. I loved it.
At our first Slipknot concert!
So imagine when I was curious one night (knowing that they are at the end of their summer tour) looking up to see if they were going to be anywhere close to Idaho. And the day before they had released their fall tour dates and there it was. Boise, IDAHO on October 21st. Husband looked at me, unphased by the twitching mass next to him shrieking his name in excitement. They are coming here! Eeeeeeeee!
Corey Taylor and his thumb neck. Photo from here.
Even though their main drummer was dismissed (Blake's fav band member, ouch) and their bass player is not Paul Gray, I am so damn excited. If I ever got the chance to go backstage, I feel like I would either collapse or really really embarrass my husband. Maybe someday, I will get to hang out with them. And scare them.
If you are curious, this is their latest video. "Killpop". I like this song. Don't worry, it's not too metal.


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    1. Stupid excited. Just stupid excited.

  2. ... I think I've met another blogger soul mate.

    1. Come join me on a train to a Slipknot adventure?

  3. I love Slipknot too!!!

    1. Slipknot and unicorns. You really are damn magical.

    2. I know right? ;)

  4. i love that they love goats haha

  5. It's nice that they like goats! But slipknot scares me hahaha (I'm such a square)