Thursday, August 27, 2015

Things My Horses Look Like

I am always discovering what my horses look like. Sure, they look like horses, but sometimes they resemble things totally different. I am sure you have noticed the same things with yours. Anyways, here are some things that resemble my hooved hoes.

Majestic AF.

Things Bacon looks like:
Short back, long neck, also majestic.

Legs everywhere. Also short back. Majestic in the way it can make people scream and be masters at pyrotechnics.

Heelz yeah.

Round and loveable and sweet.

Things Lucy looks like:

Well duh. Just look at it.
What she looks like walloping through the irrigation.
What Pandora sees out in the pasture.


Zesty and cute.

Things Pandora looks like:
Oh the zest. All of the zest. Some cute.
POA. Blake's least fav representation of Pandora. Also, what everyone thinks she is.
Pretty cute. Add own zest.

Kind of evil, pretty and carmel colored.

Things Vegas looks like:

Barbie horse. No brainer. Love that bit, better get one for her.
A bitch. Definitely this on her bad days.

So, there you go. This might be a fun blog hop, so if you want to join, go ahead and join in! I would love to see what your pones resemble!


  1. HA! Love it. Not sure whether "add own zest" or the barbie bit is a better line.

    I will have to think up some for C-rage.

  2. i love the barbie horse!! hrm.... what does my own zesty mare look like?? must think...

  3. I am cracking up HAHA!
    Barbie horse and potato have me in stitches.

  4. This is awesome... Brantley is definitely a moose... Definitely.

  5. ROFL. I LOVE THIS. Hahahahahaha

  6. This is awesome! HAH! Another vote for Barbie horse :)

  7. That was very funny. I had never thought about other things my horse looks like. You've got me thinking. . .