Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Wedding Business is Depriving Me!

Crazy face and a crooked bonnet.
I need some horsey action. About half of my family is in town now, I have been running around like one of those scary ass chickens with its head cut off doing wedding crap, and I am getting exhausted really fast. I know, I know, it will be worth it in the end, they say.

Well damnit, I hope so! Yeesh.
My happy place.
I did get to toodle around on Bacon for a quick dressage ride one night, and my mom rode Pandora bareback. And then we switched. I found it hilarious to see my mom on my spider giraffe, and the look on Bacon's face was quite entertaining as well. I am pretty much the only rider in her life these days, but Blake has hopped on her a couple times before too.

I had a tiny crossrail set up in the arena, and I took Pandora over it for our first little jump together. It was a little uncomfortable bareback, but we got it done.
So. Many. POLES.
Before all of this mess happened, I did get to go play with Linds and Aimee last week and Bacon had another field trip. The first night, we did jump night. I was excited for some course work, as we really need some help with that, but instead it turned into grid night.
Entering the madness.
Bacon and I have also done very little gridwork, so this was also beneficial. Everything started out as groundpoles, and then worked their way up into cross rails. Every time we switched it up Bacon would have to figure out what to do with her legs, and then we would be golden.
Chest up, chest up, chest up!

I suckered Blake into being the photographer.

No touching!!!!
There's those goddamn flower boxes.
At one point, it turned into a vertical and an oxer in there somewhere, and I had to kick her through to keep the momentum going, but she did wonderfully. You can probably tell by all of the smiling in my pictures that I had a great time!
Go little Bacon GO!
Weeeeee over the oxer!
Nice job pony!
Having too much fun!


  1. Awwww, these pictures are great :)

  2. looks like you guys are having a BLAST - so much so that even the flowers of doom couldn't bring her down haha! there are definitely lots of grids in my future - they always seem so educational for both horse and rider

  3. Aww you look so happy on her! Great pictures!

  4. Yay for all the great pictures! Looked fun

  5. NEXT WEEK: ALL THE HORSE THINGS...after you recover from the wedding of course!

  6. Once you are married it will all be over and you can settle into whatever you deem a normal life (because normal life isn't the same for everyone)! Looks like you guys were having fun!

  7. I seriously find you and Bacon to be more and more impressive. She really is lovely! Have a wonderful wedding!

  8. More fab photos, you guys are killing it!
    PS: I spy a powder blue topped redhead on an escaped prisoner photobombing ;-)