Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ALERT THE PRESSES: The girls are back in town!

Fly equipment galore!


It only took what felt like a lifetime, but they are all home now. The Lucy. The Vegas. The Bacon. And the Pandora.
Lucy does her happy dance!
The paint sisters were really good about hopping right into the tiny trailer, and unloading into their new home. They looked a bit confused and shocked. I turned them out into the pasture first thing, and it took them a second to realize they had grass to graze on. The bay sisters were so intrigued, but remained pretty calm. We threw their pen together quickly, as a storm was coming, and then it was done.

A bit thin and in need of some elbow grease!
They don't look as good as I would like them to, but I will spoil them to pieces as much as I can. Pasture time, beet pulp, Nutrena's Perform grain (perhaps Special Care for Vegas and her tying up issues), a dash of apple cider vinegar and veggie oil, carrots, and lots of yummy alfalfa!
I missed this face!
There were some dreads going on in the paint manes, so I worked on those today. Unfortunately, we lost some, but all is good. I turned all four girls out into our tiny pasture. It was interesting to see how it all played out. Bacon wants to be friends with everyone, and no one wants to be friends with her (kind of like me in high school) while a Vegas does what a Vegas wants. Lucy usually stays quiet and close to Vegas, but whenever Bacon would come by the apple tree, the Goose would tell her what for. I have never seen such violence (if it could be called that) from her. Go old lady!

Where the cool kids hang out.
Pandora was last to be turned out, as she is usually the trouble maker. No suprise there really. I let her loose and she went charging over, puffing up as big as she could, at everyone, and then stopped and started grazing. Bacon kind of hung out with her but kept trying to win over Lucy.
Mom, can you tell her to be nice?

Maybe if I just sneak and graze closer to her, she won't notice.
So much mare drama. Blake said it is kind of like watching Orange is the New Black. Only the women are about 1000lbs, and are dressed in fly gear instead of prison wear. And there is an apple tree.
So many colors!
Pandora is the boss.


  1. Lmao, Orange is the New Black: Equine Edition.

  2. Aww, Bobby would be besties with Bacon. He thinks everyone is his friend, too. Also, I'm super impressed with how much fly gear you have!

  3. Haha sounds hilarious, can't beat the lady drama!

  4. Haha. The apple tree line is hilarious. Glad they're all together again!

  5. welcome home girls (and be nice to ms bacon!)! they look fab in all the fly gear lol

  6. HILARIOUS! So glad they are all home to torment each other properly! Also, I feel like Blake is drastically outnumbered...I hope your dogs are male at least?

    1. It's only fair. I grew up with my brother and my dad. And any girlfriend my dad had usually had sons, never came across another girl. SO, the tables have turned! At least he has Meaty the mastiff!