Saturday, August 23, 2014

Informal Blog Hop! Transformations of Bacon

The Bac' and I have been through a lot mostly this past year. Our adventure began at the track in 2011, I acquired her in March of 2012, she went lame September 2012 and then was magically non-lame last fall. So a lot of our work was accomplished this year, and I couldn't be happier!

Racehorse Bacon tries to pull John's arms out.

Our second ride.

Ew. We tried to do some jumps in July on 2012.

Revisited jumping this spring
First ever dessage test June 2014.

First event derby, June 2014.

Second derby completed!
August 2014.

Good job Bacons, where will we be in a year?


  1. You will be all the places, jumping all the things!

  2. You two are a fabulous team. And I have to say I LOVE that dressage photo.

  3. Huge changes! I agree, I love the dressage photo :)

  4. she's so funny - a year from now she'll be eating those flowers for breakfast

  5. You guys are awesome! I love watching you develop together.

  6. As far as bays go, she's one pf my favs. Love her name and her transformation. Great job!

  7. Hooray Bacon! Great transformation photos

  8. Such great photos, love the last one.
    Pats for good ponykins