Friday, August 29, 2014

A Little of This and That.

I'm really tired right now. Had a day of sickness, which is pretty good considering this is the only day I have felt this bad this week. The muscle atrophy in my left leg is worrying me more and more, so I will be bringing that up to my doctor rather soon. Here are some more pictures from the Bacon adventure.

Who gives a crap about barrels? Not Bacon.
Fancy horse.

Fancy horse needs more weight.

I was a crab this day. Tailbone injuries will do that, I guess.

But she still made me happy.

We had some good position pictures.

And we cantered cross rails.

And we look dressage-y here.

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Too bad my leg is dumb. But Bacon looks good.

Easy peezy.

We had a great course ride!

We also went on a trail ride the day before.

We had a great group! And it was Bacon and Prisoner's first trail ride.

Bacon led the way. I was so proud.

Look at those cuties back there!

And Vegas and I practiced with my wedding slip.

She could care less. And, once again, another no helmet alert. I'm horrible.
And I traded ponies with mom!
Mom had to use a helicopter to get up on Bacon.

I'm guessing the next time I will be on here is after my wedding. And hopefully with pictures. Woo hoo!


  1. Enjoy the big day, hope you feel 100% & that your doc can help with left leg.
    Photos are fantabulous!
    The head shot of B & you in the pink top smiling is stunning. Love her jeweled browband too - she is such a beauty and you guys are building a super relationship! I'm loving having found your blog

  2. I can look at pictures of you and Bacon all day (except for when I'm looking at Prisoner pictures! You guys look great, so excited for the wedding!

  3. Love love these pictures!! I couldn't decide which was my favorite, haha! I hope you start feeling better soon and that you have a wonderful wedding day!!
    I also love that last picture because it's the exact opposite with my mom and I, hahha!

  4. Great pics! Enjoy your big day :)

  5. Enjoy the day -- it will go by in a blur!!

  6. Have so much fun!! Love all these pictures, you two look fabulous!

  7. congrats on the wedding - have fun fun fun! bacon looks great too btw