Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Position Check

Holy cow. Just. No. (This was August of 2012?)
So I was browsing through my photos of Bacon in her facebook album, and I was absolutely marveling at the pure hideousness of my form and riding position. But you know what? I have become a crap ton better.

I feel conceited when I say that, but come on, look at this.
Ahhhhh, my eyes! (Taken in April, this year)

And then look at this.
Taken today!
Yeah, there is a difference. It is quite noticable. Now, I am not saying that I am freakin' awesome now. But I look and feel like I am riding in a more effective way. Woo hoo for that! I wish I could do more lessons, as I feel that I would waaay benefit from them, as would Bacon.
From April or May this year?

From a few weekends ago!
And I am sure Bacon would excel at a faster rate and be even more awesome. But for now, I will take this. Woo!


  1. Being able to SEE improvement is so rewarding :-)

  2. Woot woot! You look great :)

  3. Your leg looks super solid in these recent pictures. Nice!

  4. Definite improvement! way to go!

  5. Absolutely getting better! Nice work :D

  6. Lindsey and I were just talking about how kickass your latest round of pictures is. :-D Way to rock it, lady.