Monday, October 26, 2015

The Week of Crazy Awesomeness

So, what all happened last week? Well, I will tell you.
I drew a few cartoon horses and got recognized by a fun company that you all know. I drew them a few sketches and things, and when they come back from a big show this weekend, we will discuss more details. Until then, you don't get to know who it is, but here is a hint...
On Wednesday, I saw my second most favorite band of all time. That is right, SLIPKNOT baby! By the way, Led Zeppelin is my favorite, just so you know. But SLIPKNOT also came with Beartooth and Suicidal Tendencies. I will share more about the concert as well. But I will tell you I loved it. I knew I would.
You know you are jealous.
Thursday we trailered my horse out to Prisoner's house. We did a quick ride, which included this fantastic jump:
Also jealous of this.
After, I rushed over to go get my hair and make up done for the 60/70's themed photo shoot. We went back over to the barn to do the photos, and they were pretty fun. More on that later too!
Bacon watching her mother pose from afar.
Friday was a quick jump school, where Bacon and I were fairly successful for our preparation for Satuday. What was Saturday? Why it was a horse show!
Just hangin' on.
Ok ok, I will tell you about the show. It was our last show of the season. A local schooling jumper show where we entered in the 2'9" and 3" classes. And those were the first two classes of the morning. I got the Baconator out of the trailer at about 8:30am and hopped on. She warmed up quite nicely in the foreign arena, just briefly looking at a few things but walking calmly on the buckle. When we went to pop over some warm up jumps, I must have swapped out my horse for a for a wildly careening speedy giraffe, because that is what I had. A controllable crazy. We got a few long spots and then a good jump and called it good because Bacon was having none of getting in closer.
The course was really nice. Easy turns (if you made them easy) and easy for me to memorize. There was also a spider jump that I helped decorate (YAY SPIDERS!!!) and I was excited to jump that. When Bacon and I got out there, home girl was gawking at every jump out there. This could be fun, I thought to myself. It was. We would be hauling ass, she would notice that there was a jump in front of her, jump it, and continue on our drunken speedy course. The most difficult part of the course was a tight bending line to a wine barrel jump (usually ended up being three strides to it). It came up so fast, Bacon went "da hell is this?" as we wipped over it. We came out of there fast and clean. And I have every thought that is was the fastest round (not by choice).
Two stride line.
Roll tops are not scary.
Bacon danced around as we waited for the 3" round. This round was a little less drunk, still fast, but still successful. No rails, and I am again certain that it was the fastest round (there were no ribbons at this show). We had some pretty damn sharp rollbacks in places that didn't need them as well. Oh Bacon! I was pretty excited knowing that we could bust out two rounds without any rails. At our first jumper show this April, she would rub the first rail and jump a little safer after. She had herself a great time out there. After she was done, she behaved herself for hours in the trailer and had very minimal weaving. Yay Bacon!
Brick wall six stride diagonal line.
Fall colors are always good.
Wine barrel jump, complete with TAIL OF EXCITE.
So there. You will hopefully have a week of fun posts from a crazy past week. Hope you all have a great week ahead of you!


  1. What show has no ribbons. You guys were awesome!!

  2. No ribbons?!? That's pretty sad. But congratulations on the successful outing.

  3. You're a busy lady! Love that wine barrel jump.

  4. Holy cow, sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend! Congrats on the successful outing with Bacon.

  5. woooo i love the wine barrels too!!! (and ya know, just plain old wine lol). congrats that show sounds awesome! also eager to hear about all the rest :D

  6. What a fun weekend!! I love all the funky jumps :)