Monday, October 12, 2015


Well, it figures that we would run into another issue right after we fix one. I am not sure what my silly horse did, but when I came out to ride on Wednesday I was greeted with a swollen right front.
Of course I sighed, felt all over the leg and my heart started to have palpitations. There was little heat, she didn't flinch at any poking or prodding, so I put her on the lunge to asses any lameness. And there wasn't any. I scratched my head. We did a very light dressage ride and there was absolutely no misstep anywhere. She was really really great. I patted her, cold hosed the leg and did a liniment rub. I came out the next morning and poo. Still swollen, maybe even more now. I thought the light ride would help, but instead, I made it worse and I felt extra bad. She got frozen peas polo wrapped to the leg for several times that day, but she was still sound as could be.
Also that day, the goats tripped me as I was walking, and I landed knees first into rocks. So, I had sympathy swelling in my right knee as well. The swelling went down 90-95% in her leg, but the knee was still swollen. There has been a lot of kicking going on in the pasture, so I am thinking that might be the cause, but in any case, it is annoying. She is not bothered in the slightest with her swelling, but I sure am! There is probably a good 20% swelling still left in the knee after icing again this morning. And my brain is starting to settle down.
Truffle fries will make it better. If I can steal them back from hubs.
I am still hanging on to the awesome feeling from the derby last week though. It was way too much fun. They day after was pretty awesome too! Bacon and I toodled around the pastures for an easy laid back ride after. Lindsey joined us on Prisoner, and of course, we had to recreate the gallop in the pastures together that Aimee and I did. Was it awesome? I think it was...
Look at that pink bonnet on mister Prisoner!
Galloping action.

So pretty and fun!
We are all just 12 year olds. Well, one of us really is in that picture.


  1. Bacon! Quit it with the poofy knee!

  2. I found Nilla with a puffy leg yesterday. She was sound though so I worked her and then wrapped it up for furazone. I swear horses try to injure themselves.

  3. I'm glad that it isn't bothering her. No more efforts at self destruction Bacon!

  4. Truffle fries are really good tho.

  5. Gee whiz bacon. Did the hubby approve that internet picture;)

  6. love the riding pics!! hopefully B-mare's knee is back to normal asap!