Friday, October 30, 2015

More Dressage in a Field

Side not: Pony got her trace clip in the form of oozing blood for our Halloween costume!
Dressage in the field is the only way to go. For me, at least. Dressage in a sand box is frustrating. Bacon and I were enjoying our little vacation at Prisoner's house for a few days and that included a dressage ride. We started out fairly well in the sand box working on some shoulder in at the walk and what not. I then tried to put us to work and my sides started cramping up.
I do not have matching legs with my horse.
Always drooling.
Lindsey had us working on me planning things ahead in my ride. I get super rushy and just blow through turns or changes of bend and so then my horse does the same thing. Duh. We were having some success, but I had a tricky time riding through the pain and felt pretty sloppy. So many things to think of when I was up there and the whole trying to avoid the penis thing. It is hard folks!
Uh oh. Penis needed.
Riding in new $32 Ovation breeches that feel like sweatpants.
I must be part t-rex. 
We also tried to get my hands more out in front of me, which was also ok (until I got out into the field). We worked on some canter in the sand box too, mostly trying to get her off of her damn forehand going to the left. She was not that downhill last year, and though it is disheartening to be battling this now, this is horses and they keep us humble. There are ALWAYS things to work on.
Oooo light!
Linds coaxed us out into the field for some photos. I thought I would just walk around. And then that turned into some trotting. And then, what do you know, some canter too! How can fields make things funner? I do not understand, but I will also not complain. Bacon played along and we had a fun ride out there as well. Even if I rode like a monkey in a lot of pain.
Ooo magical fairy land.
Fall colors.
Go Bacon go!
All the loves.


  1. Awww, that last picture is so sweet :) You and Bacon look great!

  2. I love that last picture. So beautiful!

  3. The clip is unbelievable - lovely photos - sorry to hear you were hurting through the ride though!

    1. No pain no gain, right? At least that is what I tried to tell myself and then Lindsey told me NOOOO. Not in my scenario. I can still try!

  4. Yay some of the pictures came out! You looked great!

    1. Of course they did. You did a good job as always!

  5. I'm not sure what this penis thing is about, but I assume it's about how you have so little need for a penis because you're already rockin it so hard.

    1. HAHA! Love this. But here, let me direct you to this blog post. It explains the penis.

  6. those pictures turned out beautifully - bacon is just the prettiest mare! also i love the clip - it's perfect haha. happy halloween!