Wednesday, October 28, 2015


So yeah, the Slipknot concert was a week ago (the hell? how did that happen already?) but I am still feeling the pounding bass in my chest and feeling the vibe through my body (maybe that is why my tremors have been acting up in the morning). To say it was awesome is an understatement.
Look at all the FIRE. And the pit going on on the floor.
I urge any and all individuals to go to a Slipknot concert even if you don't like metal. It is a grand performance. You can tell the band is completely wrapped up in giving you everything on stage. We opted for seats at the concert because I witnessed what goes on on the floor at the last Slipknot concert I was at. I am a little too weak to be dealing with those shenanigans. But even being so far away, I still felt "involved".
Yay Beartooth!
Beartooth was the opening band, and I really enjoyed them. I had heard one of their songs on the radio a few weeks prior and found it catchy (though not my usual listening style) and was delighted to learn that it was them playing it. It is a little screamo-ish, but with nice vocals, and the song I heard was In Between. Basically a song about all kinds of hard or horrible crap in your life, and friends picking you up out of it to help you get through. Ah, very fitting for me, as I have great friends that do this all of the time. I like quite a few of their other songs now too! The played quite well live, although they did not have the vocals set up well enough and his lovely voice was drowned out by the music. Nonetheless, I enjoyed them, and so did my husband. It was cute watching him sing along.

Next up was Suicidal Tendencies. They are a fairly old band. I did not enjoy them. The end.
Go Sid go!
Slipknot is notorious for taunting their fans before the concert begins. A giant curtain with their symbol is lit up, and they play their funky and tribal-y sounds behind it ever so slowly, until BAM. Curtain drops and the fun begins. Corey Taylor knows what he is doing up there. I always love watching Sid Wilson , the dj, do his crazy things. He had to take it down a notch at our concert because the little fart injured himself just days prior. He is known for climbing up tall structures and jumping into the crowd. One time that landed him two broken ankles. He made up for this lack of high diving by throwing down some awesome dance moves. And some karate kicks. Chris Fehn and "Clown" are two of the other percussionists, and their drum sets are on spinning scissor lifts. There is fire. LOTS of fire. I could feel the heat from it from where I was sitting, so I don't know how they didn't combust on stage.
They know a good color when the see it. Good job on the purple, Slipknot.
The best part of any Slipknot concert? When Spit It Out comes on, and Corey Taylor makes the whole crowd get down and crouch. When he says JUMP THE F*CK UP, everyone jumps and it gets crazy. It feels so cool to be one giant unit anxiously awaiting those words. You are a part of the concert. Asking yourself, is this real life?  One of these years, I am going to make it to KNOTFEST. So, as I said, go to the concert. Just do it. It will be awesome. I promise!
So much fun. So much.

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  1. Haha. You are far more hardcore than I will ever be. Glad it brought you so much joy. :-)