Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Busiest!

Looking good!
Life has just been truckin' along lately. And that is not a bad thing at all! The nice part is, I got that damn ultrasound over with. Maybe next time they will modify my water intake, for pete's sake. I am little. So is this bladder. Leave it alone.
Fancy footwork on Gigi.
It has been a lot of all work and no play lately, but that changed this weekend. I got a text from Redheadlins on Saturday asking about coming along for adventures. I was all in. We hauled her lovely black mare Diva to board for a week or so at one of the coolest barns around. She promptly got her out and hopped on. Not bad for a greenie OTTB! We were accompanied by the Sprinklerbandit herself and had a good ol' time.
Bacon's little half brother, Paul.

Paul was really tired after his gallop.
Sunday started bright and early at the track. I got to meet the new horses in the barn. They are all so beautiful. Then it was off to the awesome barn to watch Diva and Papa (Courage) jump around. They did awesome! And I even got to take Papa for a few trips around the arena.
Diva says, no big deal.
He was very confused by the weirdo on him, but he just went with it.
Onward, handsome pants!
At the end of the day, it was all about the food. It was a good day.
Can you say muscles!?
Yesterday, I took the Baconator out for a quick ride after a really LONG day at work. I haven't ridden her for about a week, but she was great. Blake came out to snap a few shots, and she had her motor going for sure. Right now, she looks diseased. She is one of those that just drops her fuzz and becomes naked. So some parts are naked, and some parts are hairy patches. I can't wait for her to be sleek!


  1. Bahaha the horse laying down on the hot walker!!

  2. So many pretty horses! You should come play every weekend. :-)