Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Drugs

I am still debating whether or not drugs are actually my friend right now. I feel like maybe the fibro drugs are helping a wee bit. Especially now that I am getting over most of the side effects.  I still have some sleep deprivation and some general weakness and shaking, but I can deal.
I have always loved tulips.
I had a recheck appointment with my doctor the other day. I was as calm as could be for me in a doctor's office. Not sure if that is do to he anxiety meds, or that she is just a super cool sassy doctor. She makes the experience feel like I am arguing with one of the girls at work. Random comments and sass galore are being thrown about. She says crap like "I am the only Asian that can't do math" and after asking if my mares were all on the same cycle and me telling her some, but they all turn into hussies and rub themselves on the fence, she proceeded to say "Maybe they learned that from you."

Lady, I don't go rubbing my hoo-ha on fences. Where does she come up with this?
Really woman?
But all jokes aside, she had some lab results for me to look at. I tested positive for Lyme's disease, and also tested positive for ANA (antinuclear antibodies) at 1:320 for both speckled and homogeneous patterns. Lyme's disease is a little rare in the our area, so I wonder where the hell I picked that up and how long I have had it for. Fortunately, it can be treated with antibiotics but may have some lasting joint, skin, heart and CNS effects. (Also unfortunately, while on said prescription, I cannot eat dairy or have prolonged sun exposure. So basically no fun).

As far as the ANA goes, it could be nothing, but it could also be something. Given all of my symptoms and the fact I tested positive for both of those patterns is reason to dig a little deeper. A few different autoimmune disorders can be involved, particularly systemic lupus. So it is off to a rheumatologist for me. But hey, at least the crazy doctor is getting somewhere with me.
This was a naughty horse.
In other news, we finally got our engagement photos done. It was a loooong day/night, and I am glad it is done. Bacon and Pandora were bathed and beautified, despite Bacon getting loose and trying to strike when the clippers were by her ears. Let's just say Blake was not amused, and horse got spankings. We got ready, came back out and aced the crazy one and waited 10 minutes to load. Yep, she blew through the ace real quick. Oh well! We had a nice drive to Adrian, OR where we met with our awesome photographer. We unloaded the horses first, where Bacon about ran over the top of me and Blake. She was really scoring points with him.
Always in the damn water.
I had then realized the neither one of these horses had been in the "wilderness". Eyes were bugging out and they had ants in there pants. The photographer wanted to do a shot with just us and Pandora and asked if Bacon would be ok tied up. Probably not, but whatever. She'll have to learn she can stand there and be alone, and she will do it now. She was still alive when we came back, so that was good. Next was photos with the dogs, where Meaty promptly found the river, and thus was soaking wet for all of the pictures. I asked the photographer if we could get a pick of us on our horses, and she was thrilled. I was too, once I realized that Bacon got her mind back as soon as I was sitting on her.
Hey look! She is growing a topline!
We took a little adventure over by the river and down a trail and had to stand still and pose. And she did great! Maybe I will have a trail horse on my hands? Maybe she will be alright over a cross country course? Who knows! Finally we went back home...and I got to see the pictures today and they are freaking awesome. You will see soon!