Saturday, February 9, 2013

The "Showgirl" Comes Out!

  Year Four has been our most victorious year to date. Vegas decided she was going to cooperate a little more this season, and we hit the most shows this year. I, of course, thought this was awesome. I can't speak for Vegas though. And as we started out the season, she has two episodes of "tying up", also known as Azoturia or Rhabdomyolisis. This was painful for me to watch, but even more painful for her. It didn't take much to set it off either. She felt a little funny under saddle after some jogging around, and I hopped off. Then I went to get her to move, and she couldn't move her hind end at all. I got her back to her pen, called the vet, and watched as she wretched and made faces, trying to avoid the pain. I gave her a shot of banamine and some electrolytes, and minimized her movement. She healed up alright after a few weeks off. She also had to deal with some real "nut jobs" in the pen. In the warm up arena, a not so skilled fella was riding a not so sane gaited thing, and the gaited thing decided it was going to ride up behind Vegas, and try to swing around and rear and buck and do all kinds of acrobatic maneuvers. Vegas meerly ran sideways to avoid being tangled in that, and the guy continued about his business. Thanks a lot tard biscuit. 
Just keep pivoting!

    And yet again, doofus was standing (if you want to call jigging in place standing) next to us waiting to enter the arena, and the horse swung around and started kicking Vegas into the wall. I screamed and hollered at the tard ass, and he didn't say one word. He turn his horse around, and walk to a different area. Oh, if I could take your danglers and put them in a vice grip, that would be lovely.
Trail is not our best, but we try

   But other than that, we did alright. We successfully showed in trail (kind of), showmanship, english pleasure, western pleasure, horsemanship, and english equitation. The Silver Spurs Show was probably our biggest show, with a few hundred horses and over 1,000 entries. We tried for all around walk/trot and halter busted us. But, I was more than thrilled when we placed second against 24 in our english pleasure class. We showed at the Idaho Horse Park, which was a new place for us, with a crap ton more horses than we were use to. And I thought our horsemanship and english equitation went very well too, but I was never told what place we made. We were third overall for high point. But, we went against seasoned senior horses with more skilled riders, so I thought that was pretty dang cool.

Rockin' the english

  The other big show we went to was the local Double Point show. Well, there is actually two, one for spring and one for fall. We got second overall at the spring double point. And in the fall, we got third for fall overall and claimed the High Point award for both shows combined. I was really not expecting that! I was very proud of my girl! 
Win kisses
We are stylin'

 She also took really good care of my mom and grandma, who wanted to ride her when they came to visit, and taught Blake a lot about riding as well. What a nice horse.

Grandma Riding!

Blake Riding!

Mom riding!


  1. We have to up your bragging skills missy, I somehow didn't realize you had won year end high point...bad me.

  2. It is hard to brag when it was only walk/trot classes. But for some reason, Vegas turns into a racehorse when we start cantering around the arena with other horses. I don't think the pinning against the wall and kicking thing helped her mind at all.

  3. Always wanted a neck ribbon. Too cool!

  4. The neck ribbon was the third place all around award. I could care less that I was third place, only third place people got the neck ribbon. And I wanted the neck ribbon. Look at the pretty colors on it too!