Wednesday, February 6, 2013

She Still Ain't That Peachy

Look, I'm an elephant!

To me, Vegas' two year old year couldn't come any faster. With me wanting to buy a baby for some dang reason, I forgot how long I would have to wait to ride it. I was so worried I was going to "ruin" her, I went in search of a good, but fairly cheap, trainer. In the months leading up to her "camp of adventure", I saddled her, got her use to the bridle, booted her up, and even sat and laid on her. She could lunge piece of cake! A friend I work with recommended the guy that her mom used all of the time. I called him up, he sounded like a cowboy, and said he would take my girl for 30 days.

2 year old Vegas ready to rumble

  Blake and I waited for him to come and get her. I got really nervous, it would be weird not seeing her for such a long time. And we waited. And then I got less nervous. And then he called and said he would be out the next day, some cows got loose somewhere and he had to go gather them. So the next day came around, and I was sitting on her when he showed up. The cowboy looked at me and my horse, puzzled, and asked how old I was. Twenty. He gave me another look, and grabbed my horse and started leading her to the trailer. The last time she was on one of those bad boys was when she came to me. And, miraculously, she hopped on in. O.K. I won't complain. And off they went.

I can handle the cowboy mom.

We were on our way to the motocross track, and I cried (I know, I am a sissy la la) and Blake told me she would be fine. And then I get this phone call. Cowboy sounded a little worried, and told me he had good news and bad news. Good news was, they made it to his place. Bad news was, she must have freaked out, and almost scalped her forelock off. WHAT! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! He told me I could come and check on her if I wanted. And I sure did the next morning. She was in a pen by herself, and I called her name, and she screamed at me. And followed me everywhere I went. It really is weird being able to pick your horse's forelock up off of its head. He was putting some medicine on it, and she seemed alright, just really confused. I made the next 30 days of this guy's life hell.

I called just about every day. He didn't answer just about every day. He did tell me on the first call that he had jumped on her bareback for their first ride and went on a little trail ride. And called me another time to ask if he could use her to move some cows. And another time to see when I wanted her back. I think she really only stayed with him for 22 days. But I wanted me precious pony back, and I wanted to ride! He brought her back, she looked confused again, but he saddled her up and showed me what he had done with her. She knew all of her basics, and was starting to neck rein and side pass. And said that she was the easiest horse for him to break ever. Yay Vegas! And then I hopped on.

2nd ride!

I rode her almost every day until it got too nasty in the pen to ride. And she wasn't too bad, she was very smart, and picked up things pretty quickly. But she did have to argue about it every time I asked. She was a two year old lady, what else did I expect. But I couldn't wait to get her ready for some showing the following year....

For a 2 year old...                                                         ...she was really good about the bouncing wings!


  1. oh J.M. gotta love his 'cowboyness'

  2. What a story. You guys are so cute together with wings and everything. :)