Tuesday, February 5, 2013

She ain't that Peachy

Big Boss Mare

See that face? It looks so sweet. But it lies. It lies all of the time...Anyways, I thought I should start out with my current gathering of horses in order. She is the queen and ruler of all who wander the property. She has faithful servants (I am one of them) and is always battling her enemy, Blake. She is a registered APHA tobiano, who came into this world in 2007. I went and saw her when she looked like this.
Baby Vegas!

I had lost my beloved paint gelding in March of 2007 and desparately wanted another horse. And for some odd reason, I wanted a baby. We looked at a few babies here and there, all paints and quarter horses, and then made the trip to Ontario, Oregon to see this precious thing. I was told that her registered name was DORS Peaches N Cream. Yep, friggin' PEACHES N CREAM. And she called her Peaches for short. Nooooooo I say! I know it is bad luck to change a horse's name. But I must. So I thought and thought, and it came to me. She is flashy like a Vegas show girl. Vegas it is! I do have to give credit to this lady though, she put her trust into an 18 year old girl to pay $1,000 in payments, and a painting from me to cover the other $500 she originally wanted, and halter break her before I got her. But I wanted that thing, and Blake liked her (even though we didn't touch her) and I was rushing, so we got her. And in Feb 2008, she arrived at our house, and promptly fell out of the trailer. I had a heart attack, but she was O.K.

My first moment with Vegas

She was absolutely disgusting and covered in mud, but I was so excited! I just rubbed her all over until it was dark out. The next morning, I couldn't wait to see her again. She soon figured out I was the bringer of food and treats, but I could see a little attitude showing. She was, after all, a cutter bred horse. I had such a hard time catching her once, I just sat down and cried and she looked at me carefully, and then came over. She isn't all evil. Soon she looked like this!
Almost yearling Vegas!

She figuring stuff out, and Blake promptly went to work to his thing (he never really learned how to act around horses) which in turn, really helps to bombproof the crap out of them. We didn't do too much our first year, but she sure did grow into a pretty girl.
Soooo pretty!

Well, I better get ready for work, so this storybook romance will continue next time...let me tell you, it gets interesting!


  1. whoa color change! I like it:) Baby Vegas looks so cuddly!

  2. She was a cute baby. With just a hint of evil, haha. The tail swish is how you know.