Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Saturday Soreness

My beautiful bay weirdo.
My horse and I were beat from the clinic day before. I did not feel good. But I still wanted to hop on her for a brief flat ride. She was totally calm even though it was windier than heck and I loved on her as I slowly tacked her up.
"You want to me what, mom?"

Sometimes she looks so awfully skinny :(
Once I was on I noticed that she was a little slow and stiff. No big surprise there, since I had been on her yesterday for about 2 hours and she was pulling those fancy horse yoga moves. We walked and trotted just a little bit and then I hopped off. She just wasn't quite like normal.
And then sometimes, she looks fine. For her, anyways.
Lindsey called her racehorse training husband out to come take a looksie (he has magic lameness eyes) and while we waited, I put her on the lunge. Lindsey and I both agreed that she was a lot stiffer in her hind end on the lunge. We also noticed a nice crack on her right hoof that looked like a blown abscess, which would explain her angry lameness a few weeks prior. Her hooves are drying up from the thrush too.
It was a lovely windy day
I pouted and turned her loose in the arena. She took off at a fancy trot and looked not so sore again. Such a strange lameness. I didn't know what to think. Magic red haired fairy made it out and looked her over and watched me lunge her. She was less off on the lunge again, but something was still there. He made some adjustments on her three different times and had me lunge her each time after that. She improved with each adjustment. He felt that she was just body sore, especially going from tiny circles over and over and over in my arena and then going out and jumping all over in a big arena.
Hello pretty girl
She was really tight in her shoulders and had a sore booty for sure. Another plan is to throw some hind shoes on her to help her get some more traction with the ground back there and she shouldn't have to work as hard. She was popping and cracking all over the place. Poor girl. I felt like the worst owner. Red trainer assured me that she would be great the next day with a bit of bute and some rest for the day. And he was very right. After he left, I turned her loose again and grabbed the camera. It was so nice to get pictures of her enjoying herself out there.
Damn suspicious knocked over jump.
We can't all always be beautiful.
I have been watching her closely since then and she has been moving fine. Even out in the bumpy dry pasture. Now, I must convince the husband to increase our arena size.
But she can, most of the time.
My Bacon.


  1. I think she is half giraffe for real. Like a really elegant one, but those are some crazy proportions.

  2. Legs for days!

    Don't feel like a crappy horse owner. It happens!! I bet she was just sore from all the jumping and whatnot.

  3. I love all these photos! Such a pretty girl!

  4. She's such a pretty girl! Sad she was stiff, but makes sense.

  5. She is like a super model all legs & beauty with a splash of cheeky personality.
    Glad magic red trainer helped sort out the ouchies, I hope she is well on her way to a full recovery and that you're not too beat up from your saddle adventures

  6. Twister always gets super stiff and sore after a clinic. I give him lots of muscle/joint stuff and a little bute and he's better in a few days. I hope she's feeling better!

  7. beautiful pictures! and so awesome to have friends with such good eyes who can help adjust your horse! i think this is just a tough time of year for horses anyway, with the ground and weather changing so much, and us trying to get them back in shape. a little soreness is almost inevitable. hope she's feeling better soon!

  8. Lol I'm forever calling him red haired fairy