Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Updates Up The Wahoo

I am the best at dressage.
So last week, I spent many days watching and observing Bacon for the lameness. She certainly has squishy feet and so I started a No Thrush treatment (thanks to the recommendation of my husband) and I have noticed a nice improvement. She still sometimes takes an ouchie step out in the pasture, but it is lumpy as hell and hard as a rock. I would lunge her a few laps on the sand, and she would be sound. She was sound three days in a row, so I hopped on for a very brief dressage ride in the arena.

She was perfect. She was less bracey and gave me lots of stretching. I tried out some of the techniques that Aimee had done at her clinic and they were working nicely. I kept shaking my back loose to help her relax her back, as well as relaxing mine. It was nice to be in the saddle again.
Sleepy Pandora
Yesterday was body work day for Lucy and Bacon. Bacon had quite a few things off, and I was not surprised. A few ribs were out of sorts, as well as her neck and withers. She had to work on her pelvis a bit as well. After I turned her out, she played really hard and did the biggest fanciest trot I have ever seen her do. So that was very nice to see. Lucy on the other hand, was not amused at all. She did not like this evil witch that poked and prodded her.
Sleepy and pissed off Lucy goose
I knew she was going to be a mess. Given her start in the ranch world and seeing her age, I was not surprised at all of the issues she had. Poor girl had some big pops in places and had most issues with her back. I have never ever seen this mare offer to bite or kick anyone, and she was doing both yesterday. She had a lot of sighing though and stretching. I hope she will be more comfortable soon, and has a recheck in three weeks. I felt so bad.
But whhhhhyyy mom? 
Today was teeth day! I love seeing drugged ponies. Everybody had some sharp points that needed addressing, and again, poor Lucy had the worst of it. Our vet assured me that hers was mostly due to her age, but everyone should be doing fairly well after this. Lucy is not quite sure why I am torturing her so much, but hopefully she will be feeling brand new soon.
Whoa. Drugs.
As far as me, well, I am scheduled for sinus/nasal surgery on April 10th. The doctor told me it would only be about a week recovery time, so I okayed it. But it is making me miss a horse show damnit! Hopefully it will be worth it in the end, and I will be able to breath and have less pressure in my face. Also, do not go out in the sun for very long while on doxycycline. Biiiig mistake. Sun toxicity!
My favorite saggy lip!

Sleepy paint sisters.


  1. Surgery is exciting though, because it will give you some relief!

  2. My boy is super lame with thrush (well, was, he's 90% better now) and I tried a tonnnn of thrush treatments. The one that has worked the best is ToMorrow for cow mastitis. Crazy, but true. It seems expensive but the syringes last forever. And it has been a miracle worker. One treatment made him 99% sound at the walk and so much better at the trot, he actually felt like playing today and running.

  3. I LOVE sleepy ponies!!

    I hope surgery cures what ails you <3

  4. LOVE the title of this post :) Good luck with your surgery!

  5. Lots of things happening in your world! I'm sending good vibes for your surgery :) I hope you have netflix for your week off!

    1. Oh no worries, I have netflix everyday for when I battle my morning doxycycline! Or any other time I am feeling sick.

  6. Yay clouds today! Hope you can enjoy them.

  7. Glad I'm not the only one that finds so much pleasure from drunky ponies.

  8. Heh heh I love drugged ponies too. My first horse would sit down on bags of shavings like a sofa when sedated! Hope the surgery goes well - there's always more horse shows!

  9. Hope your surgery and recovery is super easy!!!

  10. Everyone is getting renewed! Hope your surgery goes well and let me know if you need anything!

  11. sounds like all the ponies are getting freshened up - whether they like it or not lol!! good luck with the surgery and the doxy - that stuff is pretty rough (and burned up and ulcerated my friends esophagus too - ouch!)...

  12. Good luck in the surgery! Yes it's a missed show but YOU'LL FEEL BETTER! ^.^