Monday, March 2, 2015

That Time Where You Help Me Pick a Jacket.

So, I need a show jacket. And my grandma said she would buy me a reasonably priced one (high fives for grandma!) and I really really can't choose which one to get. You all know my competition colors are purple and grey. And the only purple and grey coats I have found are a trillion dollars. So, I have been browsing and this is what I have found and like and I CANNOT DECIDE.

Help me!

Shires Ladies Sloan Jacket
Multi-stretch fabric
Black w/ Silver piping
Dry clean only
Price: $130

Shires Ladies Henley Jacket
Black/purple with white piping on velvet purple collar and purple on pockets
Longer fit (which can be bad for this person with a very short upper body)
100% Polyester (hand wash only)
Price: $78.80 shipping included (yeah, I know)

Harry's Horse St. Tropez Softshell Jacket
Lots of colors to choose from (but I like the grey!)
100% Polyester, water repellent 
Price: $88.00

Horka Gressage Women's Softshell Show Jacket
More fun colors (but probably black w/ white piping for me)
Breathable and quick drying
Fun fit and piping
Price: $130

Chillout Horseware Show Jacket (shown in navy)
Four color options (black w/gold piping or black w/white piping for me)
More sparkle buttons
Zip cuffs and satin lining
Waterproof and windproof
Price: $150

Soooo, there you have it. The choices I have found and like and can't decide between. Most of those prices are without shipping. I like easy wash things and waterproof things. But I love all of these jackets! What to do?

Also, I have decided to post a monthly progress video of Bacon and our dressage. We had our starting video sometime last week and you can clearly see that we have LOTS to work on. What I have really noticed this year is a lot more resistance in her body and while being on the bit. Especially going to the left, which has always been her more difficult side but this year it is a lot worse. You can see her being extra wiggly with her head going to the left. She was pretty strong that day and the pasture is super uneven but I can still get a good feel of her current status. 

Here are some pictures from the ride too.

Our first time trying to do a short half pass.


  1. Equine Couture has a new euro style softshell that is also in your price range I believe. Worth checking out!

  2. I like the Shires Sloan of the bunch, but I think that might be because it has the best photo - no bunching of the sleeves, etc. Have you tried on some or all of these at a tack store?

  3. I like the first one, but Sarah has a point - some of those photos aren't flattering at all and the real life coats might be less apt to bunch and wrinkle if they fit well.

  4. I kinda hate coat shopping bc the cuts are all so different - esp w the newer materials... Good luck w your shopping tho and maybe buy from somewhere w a good return policy?

    Also nice idea about the monthly dressage updates! I'm definitely hoping to step my game up this spring too

  5. Bacon has such lovely long legs! And swooning at all those coats!

  6. Ooh, I looooove the Harry's Horse jacket! Keep in mind that the longer coats run the chance of being so long that you sit on them, and there are few things in life more annoying than running through a dressage test with your coat strangling you because it's stuck under your bum.

  7. I'm torn between the Shires and the Horka Gressage Women's Softshell Show Jacket!! They are all so pretty, and great prices.

  8. I'd steer clear of waterproof and wind proof if you're planning on competing in the summer and not dying. Beyond that, I don't know anything about show coats.

  9. I am star-struck by the purple piping! Looooove it!

  10. Ooh where did you find the Shires Henley one? I've been looking all over and can't find it under a hundred bucks :D

  11. Where did you find the horka jackets?