Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 2 of Nicole Cobb Clinic: AKA Another Attack

Not sure why I have t-rex arms.
I got the the barn that Bacon was staying at extra early to check on her and make sure she would be feeling good enough to do the second day of the clinic. I threw her on the lunge and she was back to her crazy leaping self. No soreness or stiffness to be seen! I tacked her up and she could probably tell I was super nervous again so she got a little antsy herself. Sorry mare.
Tense pony and rider.
I hopped on and got her moving once we unloaded and she was quite strong again. Nothing bad, but she was certainly ready to go. We warmed up slowly, as I tried to stay out of the way on the riders that were at the tail end of their clinic time. Nicole got us started with a trot oval and having us sit the trot, speed up the trot, collect the trot, etc and then do the same with the canter. I was already pretty tired after that, so I knew it was going to be a tricky day.
Going through the gymnastic.
Next, we had to trot into a cross rail, rollback right at the canter, break down to trot and turn right over the cross rail again, rollback left at the canter and then stop straight. Bacon and I actually did that quite well. But Nicole wanted me to change my seat to try and close my hip angle more to help Bacon have a softer landing, but still keep contact with the saddle. It was very difficult for me to do, but I tried.
Weee gymnastics.
We did the same exercise again but at the canter, and did quite well. Bacon got her leads too (for the most part), so that was nice! My memory is not the greatest, but I know we ran through the gymnastic line a time or two as well. She was better going through there this time too. And then we started to string some jumps together.
The orange vertical was our best jump every time.
Canter orange vertical, go right and canter triple one stride line and stop straight. It wasn't the prettiest, but our jump to the orange vertical was so nice compared to Friday, where I really had to establish everything before hand and try to get her to keep that same pace. On Sunday, she just did it.We ran through just the triple one more time to make sure my position was ok over it because I had kind of lost it the first time through. She just basically cantered over the jumps.
The middle of the tiny triple.
We don't care about flowers.

flowers are dumb.
We then did left turn canter over xrail, right roll back to a four stride oxer to vertical (which she got crooked in and took down a rail), left turn over a brick wall and then stop straight. We discussed the rail and discussed the ride, but it wasn't too bad. We then did left turn to xrail, right roll back and through the triple line to over the brick wall to the four stride line and left rollback over the xrail again. That was actually quite a nice ride. Bacon was very straight through the four stride this time, came up a little short on the brick wall and a little long over the xrail, but overall it was very nice!
Entering the four stride.

And there goes our top rail. Whoops.
And then came the last course. And I was TIRED. But I wasn't done and I wanted to keep going. I am not even sure what it was supposed to be, because once I started, it was like everything kept getting darker, but there will still a circle of light. Pretty sure I jumped the 3'3" oxer backwards. I just kept jumping jumps and then my body quit and I couldn't breath anymore. That's right. I had ANOTHER asthma attack during a clinic.
Jumping the oxer the correct direction.
Jumping it the wrong way...
I kept trying to form the sign for my inhaler with my hands and Linds took off to grab it. Some people knew exactly what was happening. And then some were very confused. My hubs came up and tried to give me water. NOPE. Give me that sweet steroid gas for my lungs please. The next rider went while I recovered and Nicole came over to check on me. All I could really do to explain was say "I have Lyme disease. I get tired very easily." She asked if I wanted to try again, at least a simpler version and I said yes.
Coming in short on the brick wall.
The last course was orange vertical, right to the four stride line (with the big oxer) and then left over the brick wall. We got it done, even though we were a tad crooked into the four stride, but it felt nice to get one more course in. I felt so dumb. I don't know why I didn't alert her of my ailments before hand, but we talked about it afterwards. She basically said that I didn't quit, my body did. Mentally, I was still game, and sometimes that just happens. Can't help but feel like a goon though. Next time, I will alert all clinicians. My horse was good though, and we very tiredly went home afterwards. And I continued some more horsey fun for the day.
Over the big oxer. Again. Notice the exhausted terrible body position.


  1. That oxer is HUGE! I would agree to always alert a new trainer/clinician. Don't want to push yourself too far to impress them and end up getting hurt.

    1. Yes. Totally agree with you. I am not sure why I didn't say anything. I guess I felt like I didn't want to be treated any differently than anyone else. Sigh.

  2. There is a line between saying "heads up, sometimes I need to take it easy" and the "30 minute run down of all symptoms", but yeah, I think any clinician is going to appreciate a heads up over having a panic attack because they think you're going to die in front of them. ;-) Just saying.

  3. You are seriously the boss of all bosses. I can't even complete a regular lesson without having to take a break and here you are, just beasting it over all these jumps and shit and just OWNING it.

    But seriously, don't feel like you would be treated differently or looked down upon for telling an instructor/clinician about your medical woes. You don't have to tell them you have Lyme or anything, but a heads up for them would be good :)

  4. You two look so great!! That oxer is scary stuff to me! Sounds like you had a really great experience, I"m sorry your asthma tried to screw it up.

  5. You are a complete and total bad ass for pushing through. That is all.

  6. woo hoo - you guys look great and it sounds like an absolute awesome time! (except for the asthma attack - that doesn't sound so fun but major props for carrying on!)

  7. Looking good! Love your outfit too! Also, you're a total bad ass for riding through that. I have asthma and it sneaks up on me now and then too :)

  8. You are a beast, your position is da bomb, and yes please mention to future clinicians that you might get tired;)

  9. You guys look great! And you are a goddamn warrior for pushing through it. I am a big baby. I think Bacon needs to wear more "clothes" in the blue color of your looks awesome with her coat.

  10. Looking awesome! Way to tough it out.

  11. Looking awesome! Way to tough it out.

  12. Sounds like you both deserve a much needed break!

  13. Total bad assery of the highest level

  14. You guys look great! Talk about throwing your heart over first!