Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We Did All Kinds Of Cool Crap.

Just call me B-Sizzle. Yo.
I had the butt end of last week off of work. It was really really nice, because I got some wedding stuff done (AHHHH IT'S GETTING SO CLOSE) and I got to ride with my friends everyday and Bacon got to go on another adventure!
Mom. Knock it off.
We like adventures.

On Friday, B-Sizzle got hauled over to join Big Papa and P-Diddy. It was bay OTTBs unite! There were two small grids set up in the arena, which was a perfect exercise to try and help me with my position while Bacon stepped her way through them and coordinated those long ass legs.
And trotting. 
We had to work through those trot poles a bit to establish the right pace, and get me to use my leg to squeeze her through to the next jump. Initially, the one grid was set up with trot poles to a small cross rail into a bounce over a small vertical with a placing pole after.
And cantering. Boooooring!
The other small grid!
We were figuring that jump out (I shouldn't even call it a jump. Bacon doesn't even begin to jump with this height, which makes for less than stellar looking pictures, but you just wait!) and I was doing my best to get my stupid body to look half way decent over a jump. It's just dumb. I don't know what to do with it. Good ol' Aimee loves pictures. Seriously, who doesn't? But she doesn't settle for mediocre. She began to hoist things up and turn things into oxers.
We have lift off!
And guess what? My horse can jump! And my ass needs to learn how to ride her jump. Because when giraffes jump, it is magical. We ended with a few of those awesome bad boys and parked it to watch our other gang toodle around. We just have way too much fun. Tell me why I must work again?
I look like all kinds of special, but my horse looks awesome.
Oh yeah. So I can try to afford more horse things. Or things like horse trials. Because there is one that I got offered to be driven too. Enterprise Oregon, August 15th-17th. And I really really don't know if I should go or be a good kid and stay at home. So, I tried to break it down.

Reasons to go:
Bacon is awesome.
I have a ride there.
I can get even more experience.
Looks like fun. Pretty pictures.
I can do the trials or the derby. But trials.

Reasons to not go:
Right before wedding.
Injury would be bad if received.
Nobody to babysit me because I like to try and die.
Nobody to take pictures.
Bacon lost some weight after the Rafter K adventure.
Quit losing weight mare!
So come on cool kids. Help me out. Point me in the right direction. Just tell me what to do!!!!


  1. I say, do all the things! I vote for Horse Trials....I think Bacon wants to go too :)

  2. Well, I can't babysit due to being out of town BUT MAYBE LINDSEY CAN. Of course, I also don't have a sweet lodging hookup with showers there either, but Gina might.

    I vote go and take Lindsey, because I want more pictures.

  3. I went to a horse show the weekend before my wedding and it was SO MUCH FUN. I vote go!!