Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rafter K Cross Country Clinic: Day Two

Day two came upon us with the sun a' blazing and the heat cooking SB's epic sunburned legs. Today's new goal was to have no asthma attacks and come into everything with my leg on and and no roachbacks.

Bacon was geared up in her purple people eater garb and I thought she looked damn sexy. I matched her, and there was a legendary moment on pride. Except for that damn black and green protective vest. But whateve's, someday my attire will be complete. I took a long time warming Bacon up, and we were the first out in the big field to get things started. She warmed up nicely, was still a little tense, but I could walk her around on a loose rein.

A member of our musketeerness came out to join us in the warm up, and went through the water. I tried to get Baconator to follow, but she put on the brakes. You want me to do WHAT mom? But why would you want to drown such a nice bay spider legged giraffe?

It took a little coaxing, and then she just calmly walked in. First time in water? Check! She decided that it was great, especially when you trot fancy through it.

Soon it was time to begin the clinic. I think the clinician was on to me. First, I got harassed for wearing so much purple and bling. I turned the table and pointed out that she herself, was wearing a purple shirt with purple hair ties. I got no sass back. She began to give a quick speech on cross country things, and then realized that I had probably never heard any of that before. She was right. So the long speech began. And it was good. I remember her talking about galloping position and chiming in to say that I could at least do that. And then we went straight to the banks.

And Bacon was like, what banks? Oh, you mean this little step right here? This is supposed to be an issue? And then the giraffe went up and down the bank. No questions asked.

Everybody went into the water. And then over to the small ditch. And again, Bacon didn't realize that was supposed to be a thing. We turned around, and went over the bigger ditch. Same results. Damn awesome horse.

Next it was time to throw a little course together. Do the small uphill jump, jump some show jumps, go up and down the little bank, go through water and over the ditch, and over a small cabin. BAM. Done.

And then we had a different course. Again, Bacon was all over it. Banks were no biggie. Jumped down the small downhill jump. But that was all after we jumped the cabin coming the other way and I was launched out of my tack because my giraffe turned into a deer, and then back into a giraffe. I landed very much on her neck, she kind of cantered around confused, then slowed and lifted me back into my saddle.


So yes, start course with deer leap, and finish the rest of the course with no other issues. I'll take it. We then moved into another field with a larger ditch, a box, and a gate. Bacon did everything, big surprise. The next field had an a-frame with hay bales underneath, an elephant trap, and a nice log that we went over. I messed up and took my leg off and and just sat and grabbed mane up to the narrow elephant trap, to where my horse reacted by going around it. Because, why not? I didn't seem committed, so why should she be?

If all I have to do is tell my horse "Yes, we are doing this" and she happily obliges, then I have nothing to complain about. We turned back around and hopped right over. Everything else was cake. I think the clinician decided that Bacon was pretty much magnificent, even in all the purple, and maybe I was good at trying my hardest.

Would that set us up for success for the derby? Maybe I will tell you. Next time.


  1. Love the pictures!! Looks like an awesome day!!

  2. I'm inspired! Looks like so much fun - great pictures!

  3. I'm so jealous. So pretty!

  4. You guys are amazing! Yay Bacon! Yay Alyssa!

  5. Haha! I did not realize how epic the deerleaping pictures were! Again, much awesome. Very wow.

  6. Loving the purple get up! :) Congrats on being awesome.