Thursday, July 31, 2014

The crap we did on the second day

Braided. Just cuz.
Aimee is good at setting up jumps. And courses. And that is exactly what she did. The course was fun, adn could be taken in many different ways. All of the jumps were set pretty low, so we could make me work on myself and move my horse around efficiently to each jump.
And it's on!

Giraffe wants to jump.

Come on mom, raise the jumps.
The only other experience I have had jumping a course was at the Rafter K clinic, so I was excited to give it another try. Bacon was game for every jump and every line, and I had to do my best to get her to the jumps in a controlled manner without running her down on her forehand towards everything.
Position doesn't look too bad here.

Bending line! I think?

Weee blue barrels!
Many water breaks were had. But it was a great ride for the both of us.
Sometimes you have to use the neck as a half chap holder.

I was about dying here.

I don't know why I have t-rex arms.
We also found out that my horse has a large issue with the sounds of rubber bands by her neck. Not amused.


  1. You guys are on an exponential learning curve, so fun to watch!

  2. So pretty with the braids!

  3. You guys are too much fun. The half chap re-arrangement still makes me laugh.

  4. Ya jomps!!
    Curious about the rubber bands haha

    1. Haha, apparently we just really really really can't handle the sound of the rubber bands twisting around and snapping. Not a problem by her withers, but the closer you get to her head, you best be holding on and have some extreme form of, yarn it is!