Monday, January 9, 2017

A Great Big Thank You

First one down!
And I mean it. An enormously huge thank you to everyone who has said any kind words or friends helping with creating art and replenishing those lost horse show funds. I felt like I was whoring myself out in a non hussy way, but you have all been so welcoming, supportive and helpful. I have received so many portrait requests that I am a bit overwhelmed! I am going to be busy for a long time. So I will be doing my best to work on all of those and getting them to you as soon as possible.
Warm and fun with family.
It has been an interesting time over here. We had a wonderful trip with my family in warm Arizona, leaving when it was 68 degrees to come home to 8 degree snowy weather. While Arizona was awesome, I was in so much pain the whole time I was there and was full of anxiety. I could not stop worrying about all of my animals at home. Roxy-Moo, my old lady dane, had been having some difficulty walking and has had some neurological changes. Meaty the English Mastiff had another hot spot. And I'm talking the hot spot from hell. Absolutely huge on his neck. Normally I put booties on his back feet so he can't scratch it open. But he can't have them on all of the time when it is wet outside. But my dad wouldn't be home to watch him so they had to stay on. And of course, the ponies and goaties were a worry. Plus we have a feral kitten in Meaty's kennel at home that needs to be fixed at some point.
This is about what the feral kitten looked like when I got home too.
Feral kitten did escape out of the kennel and turned the room into a disaster, so that was fun to come home too. Our friend that was watching the house did warn me though.And our dryer broke, and is still broken (good thing I have lots of underwear). We will get another one once the snowpacolypse passes. We have been getting record setting amounts of snow here, and cold spells. It was -11 one morning when I went out to do morning chores. My fingers became very painful and started to go numb quickly, so I ran inside as soon as I could. Bacon's eyelashes were frozen. And when I changed clothes, my legs were maroon. Legs shouldn't be that color!

 But, I was super excited to come home to my secret santa present! Shelby over at EquiNovice got the duty of providing me with goods, and that is exactly what she did. She did a most excellent job, carefully picking out awesome purple peddies, beef jerky (my favorite food), a Mrs. Conn's bath sponge that I have always wanted to buy but have never pulled the trigger, Herbal Horse Heal Quick,  Horse Quencher, and some delicious treats for the ponies. That they really really love. Plus, an adorable card and note. She gets an A++.
So excited to use all of this. The jerky was gone the first day.
Right know, we are currently hunkered down while freezing rain pelts the house and snow, creating a shield of ice over everything outside. With gusts of wind getting up to 60mph. Perfect time to do some artwork! I still cannot believe how many requests I have gotten. I am flattered and I hope I can do all of your ponies justice. For those of you keeping track for where you stand in line, I am currently working on the 3rd portrait and hope to have it finished tomorrow! So that is where I am at. Stuck inside, being thankful and working hard on arty things.
You know it's fun when your freeway looks like this.


  1. You went on the freeway like that? Must have been some supercross!

  2. Brrrrr! But at least being stuck inside gives you and excuse to knock out some fabulous portraits!! 😀

  3. Yikes, I'm flaring badly down here in the South, and it's not even below 0! Stay warm! If I had a horse, I would commission you, but I kinda don't think you'd do ball pythons? xD I hope your Bacon lady feels better and you take care of yourself.

  4. I'm freezing my butt off too!

    Love the gifts and your portraits are beautiful!!

  5. Mmm, jerky is also my favorite food! Glad you have something fun to keep you busy while stuck inside with the weather. Hopefully all the kids keep the health emergencies on pause for awhile!

  6. ugh so cold :( stay warm and think summer thoughts!

  7. I'm glad you've filled up with portrait requests! They're so beautiful

  8. Thanks again for participating in the gift exchange! <3

  9. I laughed out loud at your feral kitten photo. I can only imagine the mess it made when it got out. Yikes! Sounds like you are glad to be home, despite the weather.

  10. I'm so glad you liked the gifts! I hope it was at least a fun little diversion from dealing with all of that chaos. You are past due for some stress relief- ya hear that, animals?! You too, Bacon! Everybody get their stuff together and give mom a much deserved break! :)