Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Most Awesome Stock Ties to Ever Tie

Come to me, beautiful
So, I was adding things to my Christmas list, and I remembered back when I was oogling at all of these super cool stock ties in the show jumping ring at Spokane. I wanted one of those. I need to be cool. So, off I went to track one down that wasn't a butt ton of money. Even if I wasn't the one forking it out, I don't family members to fork it out either for fancy fabric.
Not fancy, but it works!
So I looked and looked. Sure, I found some beautiful ones. But none of them were totally speaking to me, and if they were, they were $60+. No way Jose. I remembered that a stock tie company was featured up in Spokane, and asked my friend if she remembered who they were. Yes. Chubby Cov. Ok, got it. Off I went to see what they had.
Oh my
Holy moses, I found the gold. All of the gold. So many beautiful and cool colors, and they were $25-30. Say what?!?! There were even stock ties with owls on them. I saw some spectacular purple ones that would go so well with our outfit. But then I saw that she also made custom ones.
Well, then my mind started to go crazy with the whole customized thing. We have a spider stock pin, we should probably have a spider themed stock tie to go with Bacon's spider legs. But if I wanted custom, I would probably have to buy it myself, so I thought about that. For about 2 seconds. I sent a message via facebook page and received a reply right away.
More subdued, but I love it
Cindy was so enthusiastic to help me find the perfect stock tie. She went to work finding me some fabrics that would work. I happily paid my $30 for my custom stock tie with $5 shipping and awaited my prize in the mailbox. My prize arrived. OR SHOULD I SAY PRIZES.
Merry early Christmas is right! Hooray!
That's right. She sent me not one, but THREE AMAZING STOCK TIES. I am not sure what I did to deserve that, but she is more than kind. One will be discreet enough for dressage, and the other two will be perfect for show jumping. My other stock tie was a simple pre-tied one, so I will need to practice to get mine right, but I am so excited to wear them next year. And I am sad that I will have to wait that long, so I may just wear them in the house.
Going to have to learn how to tie this so that the skull is upright!
There is some good news for you. Although they are already cheap, she will be offering 15% off orders for small business Saturday. So if you are looking for something funner than your average stock tie, look at Chubby Cov first. She went above and beyond (I mean waaaaay beyond) and she already has so many wonderful fabrics to choose from. And when you buy them, I want to see them!
A spider for my spider webs!


  1. They're perfect for you. I went a little wild on my coat and helmet, so I have to stay pretty reserved on the stock tie, but I like some of the more fun ones!

    1. If you ever change your mind, you know where to find them.

  2. Replies
    1. There's a super cute breast cancer ribbon one that I loved. You could rock it on Emi!

  3. oh my god THE OWLS


  4. These are AMAZING!!! I've been looking for a fun stock tie forever and ever, but I've never been able to pull the trigger on a $60+ one. All of these puppies! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. You are welcome! I just love them. You definitely need one.

  5. Those are AWESOME!! Love it!! Definitely going to check out that site - esp with getting more into hunting; those people go CRAZY with their colored stock ties on informal days!

    1. Yes! And when you pick one out, you better share a picture because I know you will look awesome.

  6. So cool! Love the ones you got!