Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Little Things I Love

Hot damn Lucy goose!
I know we are all here because we love horses. At least I hope so. We think they are beautiful, strong, awesome companions and partners. They do all kinds of crap for us and we do all kinds of crap for them. Some may be great jumpers or brave trail blazers. But there are other things I love about them. Some things I just look at and sigh in content.

I love feeding time. I love giving my horse's delicious, nice, hay (even though I am allergic). I love to feed them their grain even more. Happy horses munching away is music to my ears.

I love watching them have a good roll. Some, like Lucy, can roll over and over and over. While ones like Vegas try their damndest to get over once.

Watching them graze and play in the pasture is another. Sometimes they look goofy. Sometimes they look majestic.

I love the ears forward, locked onto a jump feeling.

I love the feeling of them listening to your seat.
I apologize for the draw reins and lack of helmet. I know better now, thank goodness.
And I love feeling their warm breath and whiskers next to my ear.

Damnit. I love horses.


  1. Ahhh the best things in the world!! A clean barn, happy munching horses.. just the best. My other favorite is when Dino comes to see me and we stand forehead-to-forehead for a minute. Horses, man! They are great!

  2. Nothing better than munching horses

    Close second is ears locked on feels

  3. I love their mouths. Silly little horse mouths and noses.

  4. :-) Those things are really wonderful.

  5. Yes to all of those. I heart this post!

  6. Such a heartfelt post!! I absolutely love it. I can agree to all of those. Horses are the best. <3