Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ay Chihuahua

Goats make things better.
Well, this week has been a doozy. It started out pretty cool. An awesome dinner with friends Sunday night, where we exchanged ornaments created by Hamer and Clay.
Bacon, Moo dog, Lindsey and Prisoner, and Aimee and Courage!
The food was amazing, as was the conversation. Horse girl dinners are pretty bomb. Though, my husband came back from riding his motorcycle that evening and said his truck really wasn't running right. No big, we shall take it to the shop.
Can't wait to ride in these!
My presents to myself arrived as well. I am soooo stoked about my Ariat V Sport boots that I scored off of ebay for $102. My other pair of tall boots fits so well that I can place my whole arm along side my calf. Classy. But these things are fricken awesome. And luckily, I fit in them because the seller told me they were medium calf, and it turns out they are SLIM. I also received my new Lyme Disease spirochete buddy, Limey D. I was so confused when the box came, but all boxes from amazon are under my husband's name. I opened the box and then peeked inside and threw it. I thought, uh oh, I opened a present I wasn't supposed to.
Limey D snuggles my new boots

Husband made me open it all the way and I was so very confused. Where the hell did this guy come from? I looked in the box again and saw a note. It came from the one and only Emma! She is so awesome. My husband already chucked him across the living room because he was mad at him. But he hangs out with me. I kind of love him.
The Milano
My Premiera Milano bridle also came (last week, but it still counts) and I was sooooo very excited to go put it on my horse. It was shiny and padded and pretty and rolled and glorious. And then I went out to put it on. And I couldn't even get it on my horse. Everyone online suggested to size down, so I did to a cob, and there was no way the sucker was going on. So, I pouted a lot. We put it on Courage. He looked awesome. Lindsey put it on Prisoner. He looked awesome. So, she will be the new owner of a lovely bridle. I think I will try the Monaco bridle next.
The Monaco
We also found out that my boobs appear cancer free. So that is a huge plus. I scared the oil change guy. He saw my horse stickers and grain and though, Oh a nice cowgirl. And then he got in my truck and started it. He said my music didn't match. I laughed a lot. The Omeprazole is killing me though, and probably making me lose more weight. Which I don't really need to do. I started out this year weighing 132lbs (my most ever) to 109lbs now. My chin and lymphnodes were super swollen starting this week, and now my upper thigh is. No idea what that is about. My pony seems to know something is wrong. She has been following me around when I clean her pen and must keep her nose on my cheek or hand.
Back to when the pony cleared that 3'9" jump
And then we got the call about hubs' truck. It had the original spark plugs (96 Ford Ranger, so old spark plugs) and they started to foul. Which started to ruin the coil and wiring. And that caused it to run on only half of the cylinders. And that threw the motor out of whack. So it needed a full tune up. $600. Ok, that sucks, but that is do-able. And then we got another call. Cylinder three was fouling, which was likely due to broken or stuck valves. That fix would be an additional $1100.

Poor cute hubs.
We don't have that. Husband is contemplating on whether to try and fix that himself or to sell the truck, or...We Kelley Blue booked it, and in good condition, his truck is worth $2,000. So we are in a bit of a pickle. Our 10 year anniversary was yesterday and that is when he learned the news. It made me very unhappy to see him so bummed out. He really loves his truck. And I just bought those two things for myself, and that made me feel even worse. I have been feeling sicker this week than normal. I will be ok when this week is done. I know it could always be worse though.
Life is a battle. Put on a Christmas sweater.


  1. *hugs* great news on being cancer free & gifts arrivals. I'm sorry other things have been less than stellar. I wish I were closer and able to be of help!

  2. Well, no cancer is good, and you did get some pretty sweet stuff! I hope you guys can figure out the truck situation, that really sucks. :( Hang in there!

  3. Those boots are amazing!!! I'm sorry to hear about the hubby's truck, I"m sending positive vibes your way.

  4. I know it sucks now, but keep trudging through the Lyme Antibiotics. Believe me, getting off them at the wrong time is way worse :-(

  5. your goats are incredibly festive in their sweaters! what a bummer about the truck tho, ugh. i don't suppose mechanics do payment plans either... boo.

  6. Old vehicles are heart breakers. :-( Sorry your week is the pits.

  7. Goats in Christmas sweaters might be the best thing ever :) Fingers crossed things get better on the health and financial front!

  8. Awh man. But hey your lyme stuffed thing is awesome! Stay positive

  9. Darn - so sorry to hear things are not going so well :( I had a rough week of my own, too. It does get better <3

  10. Droool those boots. Hope you're feeling 100% soon.

  11. Thank you for introducing me to goats in sweaters. I shall never be the same. P.S. I saw a book at Barnes and Noble the other night and it was Cats in Tiny Hats. Also an amazing concept. I am sorry you've not been feeling well. :( Your reference to Omeprazole caught my eye. Isn't that the same thing that's in Ulcergard and Gastrogard? Humans can use it too?