Friday, November 13, 2015

Feeling a Little Fancy

I'm lookin at you. Being fancy.
So, as you know, awesome friends Theresa, Taylor Martin, and Sunnie from Sunny Daze photography had set up a fun photo shoot for me. Let me start by saying I have never felt all that great about how I look. I was bullied quite a bit in high school but I can even remember back to when I was seven years old and a group of girls was making fun of my face. I could pick apart this face and body like nobodies business.
Yeah. My skin color is see through.
Contemplating about this fence line.
Those are some big eyes.
When I met Blake, I wasn't sure why he wanted to hang out with me. Or date me. Or marry me. I think he is very handsome and adorable and I waited for him to find someone more attractive. But here we are. He will be looking at me, I'll catch him, he will smile and tell me "you're beautiful". And I will look away and get uncomfortable. How can he find any beauty in me? He must also be crazy.
Kisses for Bacon!
"These here are some reins."

P.S. bridle for the win
When Taylor turned me around in his studio chair after doing my hair and make up, I changed my mind a bit. I didn't recognize the person in the mirror. She looked healthy, confident, fancy, and ready for people to look her way, even if she did limp her way out of the building. When I met Taylor, he immediately instilled a bit of confidence in me too. He radiated a caring spirit and he knew he could make me see at least some beauty. He cut and placed highlights in my hair a month or so before (definitely the most talented person to work on my hair ever) and went shopping with me to pick out our fashionable outfits for the photo shoot. Which Theresa had graciously paid for. We went for a 60/70's twist.
Still thinking about the fence line.
"And this is a nose."
Sunnie met us at Prisoner's house, and we started shooting right off of the bat. She had lots of ideas and was so easy to work with. And of course, she had lots of nice things to say too. Bacon was pretty confused about the whole process, but modeled quite well too. It felt really weird to be the center of attention, but I also felt pretty cool. Sunnie knew what she was doing, Taylor knew what he was doing, and my other friends there (Aimee, Lindsey, Theresa) were all awesome support. They tell me wonderful things about myself all of the time. Maybe I should start to listen to them more.
My cape and trailer match.
Posing in the standards.
Thanks for the kiss Bac.
I walked away from the experience feeling better about myself and the way I look. Maybe I won't feel as uncomfortable when my husband says nice things about me. I won't worry so much about people looking at me in public. And if I can be more confident in life in general, I think my riding could even benefit! I am so happy that my friends put this whole thing together for me.
Ready for our jog up.
It is hard to pretend to be tall next to this horse.
Me and my pony.


  1. Wow, you both look stunning! What awesome keepsakes.

  2. He tells you you are beautiful...because you are! Glad you had so much fun, love the pictures! And, yes save that dress and those boots for when you do your first FEI event, hello 'best dressed at the jog!'

  3. Aw yay!! I'm glad the photos helped you see yourself the way the rest of us do. :-) You're gorgeous.

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  9. These are beautiful! I'd say that the people bullying you were just jealous or threatened or just flat out assholes. When you would come into Flynn's we would all comment on how pretty and sweet you were. You always look gorgeous!

  10. You are beautiful! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  11. You are stunning!! I've never seen anything but a beautiful woman in your photos. <3

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