Friday, May 15, 2015

Video From the Dressage Schooling Show

So, this video isn't riveting by any means. It shows all of our current flaws and I am ok with that. Because if you look at this video and compare it to our very first dressage test, I think it is pretty nifty. My horse is actually going forward now and getting some quality walk in. We went into the corners deeper than anyone else had done and it didn't fall apart. We had some pretty ok transitions. And I will take all of this and run with it.

So, if you are really bored, here is the dressage test from Wednesday night.

And the video of our first test for comparison.


  1. You've both come such a long ways!

  2. you guys look great - that was a nice consistent test!

  3. You can definitely see a difference and it can only get better from here. She looks so willing to do the work which is awesome!