Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Got Your Goat!

Actually, I got two of your goats. You over there Sir, the one with the momma pygmy!

Maybe I ought to explain. My husband wanted goats for his wedding present (don't ask because I wouldn't be able to answer) and that was back in September. I told him he had to get their pen ready before we could bring them home. Well, school happened to the poor kid. And then he graduated and it was winter. Finally, winter was pretty much done, and there he was, fixing fencing and preparing for his kids.
Maybe one needs to be named The Blur.
Some goat kids were posted on craigslist, but we were too late on the draw to get them. The lady was very nice and had a selection of quality does waiting to foal, so we decided to get put on the waiting list for a Boer and a fainting goat. Males, because they were cheaper. Well, two months went by, and the damn things only had girls if they had any and husband was pouting big time. I tried to contact her about getting does instead but never got a response back. Well fine then.
They were playing boss of the top of the step. 
Again, I went on craigslist to search. Alas, I saw the cutest damn pygmy goats listed. They were priced well, and based on the writing of the ad, very well cared for and loved. I contacted the person hoping to snag the half black/half white one and a white/silver one. Unfortunately, the half and half was already sold, but the two white and silver guys were still available. Blaker wanted two different colored ones, but these guys just seemed to well cared for and were still available, it was hard to pass.
Attack the mom!
The next day we went out to go see them and decide if we wanted them. The owner had a fun facility and it was obvious he was good at wood work and having nice facilities for his critters. He opened the door to the goat pen and my heart was immediately melted when I saw the ball of sleepy kids piled on top of each other. I wasn't the only one either. Blake radiated happiness.
I stands on you. Because I iz Mr. Mayhem. The smallest of the tribe.
He let us hang out with mom and the kids, and we were there for about an hour just enjoying their company. They rotated between sleeping, spazzing out, taking a minute for lunch, and then spazzing out and trying to climb on things. The owner told us there was about a 2.4% chance for Gertrude to have four kids that were all bucks. We talked about vaccinations and debudding (which husband decided against because horns are cool, duh) and waiting a month to take them home. They were all really friendly and happy and momma kept a close eye on them all. The owner slept in the goat barn for two nights waiting for her to birth them. I assured him that our goats would be totally spoiled.
So, in a month, you will be receiving many goat pictures. Because they are just too damn cute. I have a feeling Mr. Mayhem and Outlaw will be very popular. Husband wanted to name one The Reaper, but decided to change it to Outlaw. Because he loves Sons of Anarchy. And it turns out that there is a Goats of Anarchy page on instagram, so I was cracking up at that. Also, goats will bring you many likes (Blake's picture is currently at 243 likes, my next highest picture is 102).


  1. yesssss!!!!!!!! omg i LOVE the goats!!!

  2. I used to breed Pygmy goats. They are the most fun little shit heads on planet. You guys are going to love them!

  3. EEEEEE!!!!!! They are adorable!! I told my husband that Blake got goats and he was EXTREMELY jealous! Enjoy those little dudes!

  4. OMGosh! How fun and exciting!

  5. I LOVE their names! As a huuuuuuuuuuuuge SOA fan myself, I think the names are perfect :)

  6. They are TOO CUTE!! Must spam all the baby goat pictures to us!

  7. We raise pygmy goats, seriously the cutest things ever!

  8. So cute!! Can't wait to play with them. Maybe teensy dog can be their friend?

  9. Sooo cuuuute! I love goats!! Can't wait for adorable goad photos!