Monday, April 13, 2015

Nose Bra

Yep. I have on a nose bra. Not because my nose is well endowed or anything. It acts more like a nose pad, collecting all of the blood draining from my face. It is delightful, really.

Especially when you answer the door and scare people.
That was me trying to smile.
Anyways, yes, this does mean I had my surgery. I was nervous the day before, as I have never had a real surgery. The day of was not too bad. I was prepped in the back pretty quickly, and they let my Blaker come back and hang out before I went in. Several people came over and talked to me about all of my symptoms and meds. I had to tell the one nurse to not worry when the low blood pressure alarm went off because that was my normal pressure. I remember them having a hard time getting an IV into my crummy veins.
Prepped and ready. Pre-sedative.
I remember them giving me a sedative, and watching the room spin around and then getting wheeled into the surgery room, where House of the Rising Sun was playing. And then that's it. Surgery went well, as far as I know, and apparently I was rather uncooperative when waking up.
Sedative given. Husband entertained.
I quickly removed the first bandage off of my face, so the put another one on and held the oxygen mask there so I would leave it alone. I briefly recall hearing one of the nurses telling another one about how bad I was. Whoops. Blake was brought back to see me, and he doted over me. His mom and sister came too. It was pretty painful, but I remember they gave me grape juice and I downed three cartons. They sent me home pretty quick.

Let me tell you some things. I spent the first night afraid to fall asleep because I didn't want to choke to death on my blood. I didn't take enough pain pills the first night either. Also, once you do fall asleep and shut your mouth, you will abruptly wake up from suffocating because your nose doesn't work anymore. Once you finally get your mouth to stay open, you tongue will turn into a piece of jerky and become unrecognizable when you wake up. You will also become hyper aware of where your husbands elbows are at when he is flinging covers around.
I refused to open my eyes after surgery. They hurt.
My sweet husband. He hurriedly went and got my prescriptions and foods after getting me settled at home. He then wrote out a menu so I could choose from the different soups and popsicles he bought, and set alarms on his phone to make sure I got all of my meds on time. He and his friend also spent the weekend sanding and grinding almost all of the rusty spots on the trailer, and repainting them. It almost looks new now! I am very thankful for him.

My drugs are starting to take over now, so I am going to call this good. Hopefully I can ride soon!


  1. Yay Blaker taking care of you! :-)

  2. Ouch! Sounds like you have excellent "support staff" :P
    I hope you are back in the saddle soon!

  3. Aw, what a sweet husband you have! Heal quickly and well :)

  4. Take lots of meds and get your rest! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. glad you made it through ok - sounds like you've got a lot of great people on hand to help you during recovery. feel better soon!!

  6. What kind of surgery did you get??! Feel better!

  7. Rest up!!! I'm sure you will be up riding again soon sans nose bra!

  8. Glad you came through okay! Hopefully you get to shed your nose bra soon and get back to the ponies!

  9. That makes my nose hurt just looking at it! Hope you recover quickly. The first day or two are always the worst.

  10. Sending rapid healing vibes, sounds like an awesome support system. Hope you are back in the tack soon *hugs*