Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On The Steel Horse I Ride!

Happy boy.
Ok, I didn't ride. But my husband did. He got a new motorcycle and was SO DAMN EXCITED. It was kind of adorable. I had just pulled up on Saturday from work, and there he was, with the world's biggest grin.


At that point, it was way cleaner than the dogs, so I said yes. So, it watched the supercross races with us in the living room that night. And the next day, I let him take it out to break it in and play with his friends. I use to love going to the motocross races and watching him race. That is where I met him. The first race I watched him in, he fell down in the corner where I was standing, and then got back up and ended finishing first.

The boys and the bike.
He was kind of a little creeper. Always strutting around without a shirt on if I was there. He would just stand there and smile at me. But you all know what happened and here I am, married to the weirdo. I loved watching him ride and race, and I loved to photograph that. So it was kind of heart warming and terrifying to come out and photograph the breaking in of the new bike. He is still fast as hell, and with this new bike, even faster. So, for your enjoyment (since I volunteered my day of riding) here are some photos of him and his friends!
Going slow at first to break the motor in. I like this speed.

Blake probably complaining about how slow he has to go.

Boys and mud. I don't understand.

Chris goes weeeeeeee! All the matching gear is an A+ effort.

Oh look, more mud!

Wait a minute. That is not quite right. (Thankfully, he was ok!)

Blake being a brat and roosting his friend.

Vlad's matching game is on point. The goggles are like the perfect matching fly bonnet.

Too fast too fast too fast too fast.

Look at him just have a hell of a time.

The herd goes galloping through the track.

I bought that gear for him. Yeah, I know. I'm good.

See, I told you he survived. He even got back out there and scared me some more!

The goggles man, the goggles. They don't match.

Dirty boys. The one on the right is terrified of horses and it is very entertaining. 


  1. Awesome pictures! And I totally agree about the goggles... matching goggles is obvi imperative!

  2. Great action shots...but I have to say the pic of it in your living room is my fav. What a nice wife you are!!

  3. Hubs is so adorable. And those pics are A+ LOVE the mud shots!! So awesome.

  4. Chris needs a haircut, but Vlad is on the fashion game! I'm sure he appreciates having his gear compared to bonnets. :D

  5. Best. Captions. Ever. Love the pictures.

  6. Maybe thats where I need to hang out

  7. haha love your photographs! looks like a ton of fun too :)